How are grades awarded in the ICSE correction

master thesis

The processing time for the master's thesis is 22 weeks.
The range is 120,000-140,000 characters including spaces.

The beginning of the processing period for the thesis can be freely agreed in coordination with the supervising chair. The processing period should be chosen so that the assessment of the thesis can be completed no later than two weeks before the end of the semester and the grade is available.
This must be clarified with the supervising chair before starting the thesis. Anyone who chooses a period of time with the end of the processing time shortly before or immediately at the end of the semester is not entitled to an accelerated correction of the thesis.

The bound master's thesis (firm adhesive binding) should be submitted in duplicate and an additional version in electronic form at the ISC, room 023, at the latest on the day specified as the submission date on the registration form. The electronic version of the master's thesis can be uploaded up to a file size of 10 MB using a web form and sent to the ISC. For files larger than 10 MB, please hand in the electronic version on a data carrier (CD, DVD or memory stick) together with the bound copies at the ISC. The personal delivery takes place upon presentation of your identity card (official photo ID).

If the master's thesis is passed, 30 ECTS points are awarded.

In order to meet the deadline, the timely submission of the bound versions of the thesis to the ISC is essential. Submitting the electronic version is not sufficient to meet the deadline!

A failed master's thesis can be repeated within the deadlines.

Sample cover sheet for a master's thesis (PDF 24 KB)

Template for a declaration of honor (PDF 10 KB)

Important information on the extension of master's theses in the event of illness (PDF 115 KB)