Why do people floss the dance

How dental floss is conquering school playgrounds around the world

It has never been easier for dentists to teach young patients how to floss the space between their teeth. The reason for this is a dance that is danced in school playgrounds around the world.

Two children stand opposite each other, one child swings its hips back and forth, it moves its arms sometimes in front of and sometimes behind the body. "You have to move your arms the way you floss", is the well-intentioned tip to a friend who is still clumsily trying to imitate the movement. After the dab dance is the Floss dance the new trend in the schoolyards.

Dancing for prophylaxis

Dentists can benefit from the trend. It has never been so easy to advise children and young people to use dental floss and to inform them about the need for a regular one prophylaxis to enlighten. With the question: "Do you actually dance the floss dance with your friends?" the foundation stone for the prophylaxis conversation is laid. The young patients find it coolwhen the dentist knows what they are doing. After all, they had to spend hours explaining to their parents what the arm and hip swinging movement was all about. But parents are just not cool.
The dance was invented by a 15-year-old American who published it on Instagram under the name “backpack kid”. He also performed the dance at a Katy Perry concert. The YouTube film on this was viewed 41 million times and imitated several times. Also Game characters of a PC game now dance the float dance. No wonder that this trend is also popular with German children and young people.

Dental floss is all the rage

If dentists make it To use floss dance for yourself and your topics, that has several advantages: the Patients feel understood, Parents are happy that an adult manages to win the trust of their prepubescent child and for the Dental health it's the best ever. The dance will probably be replaced by another move in a year. Is this Using floss but once for the routine it stays that way for a lifetime.

For all dentists and dental hygienists who don't just want to convince with words, there are instructions for the floss dance:

  1. Stand up straight.
  2. Let your arms hang down loosely. Clench your hands in fists.
  3. Swing your arms to the right and swing your arms back toward the center of your body. The right arm swings along the back, the left arm in front of the stomach.
  4. Swing your arms to the right again and then swing both arms all the way to the left in front of your body.
  5. Now swing your left arm behind your back and your right arm in front of your stomach. Swing your arms out to the left again and switch sides again.
  6. As soon as the movement runs smoothly, swing your hips in the opposite direction.