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Inner Satisfaction - How To Achieve?

The best tool I know of to combat internal dissatisfaction is to be grateful. Gratitude makes you happy and satisfied and it is 100% up to you to evoke this feeling in yourself. Up until the age of 50 I didn't really know what the word gratitude really meant. Only then did I realize more and more how important gratitude is and how good it is.

It has something to do with the fact that I became more aware of the finiteness of my life because more and more people in my circle of friends and acquaintances died or became seriously ill. I realized that a lot of things that I had taken for granted up until then were by no means taken for granted. Good health, a loving partner, etc. Here are some suggestions on how you can feel more gratitude.

TIP 1:Make gratitude a ritual.
Get in the habit of saying thank you when you wake up or get up in the morning for letting you experience this day. Today is a gift. Thank you for that. Say thank you that you, your partner, and your children are healthy. Thank life. Further suggestions for which you can be grateful. When you wake up in the morning remember that it is a privilege to be able to breathe, see, think, hear, enjoy and love.

TIP 2:Send someone a thank you.
We all like it when someone thanks us. An email, an SMS with a short "Thank you for ...", "Thank you for ..." is enough. Or send your partner, parents, friend a list of 5 or more things they have done for you and say thank you for it.

TIP 3:Make someone happy
You can make another happy in many ways. About by you

  • give him a smile
  • hug him
  • pick flowers for him
  • help him carry something
  • give him a book
  • cook something delicious for him

TIP 4:Love life, not things
We buy things when we are depressed and frustrated, when we want to treat ourselves to something good, when we are bored or in trouble. But things cannot fill an inner emptiness. Things only give us satisfaction and satisfaction for a very short time, if at all. They can be lost and broken or stolen.

At the end of your life, you will look back on beautiful moments in your life, the people you loved. Not on the things you've piled up. Read my post Love life, not things, and take the satisfaction test to see what your inner satisfaction is.