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What is Cryptolocker? What to do against Cryptolocker?

Understanding the basics of security threats is important today. You need to know how you are and your business protect against cyber attacks can.

The malware Cryptolocker in particular deserves your attention, because it is undoubtedly one of the very mean ones Malware on the market.

We would like to inform you what this is all about and how you can reduce the likelihood of an attack. As We have experience in IT system house in Hamburg made with Cryptolocker and would like to pass on our findings.

What is Cryptolocker?

Cryptolocker is malware that infects your computer and encrypts important files. In order to decrypt these files again, you usually get an offer from the criminal to give you the password against payment of a sum of money.

How does an infection work?

Cryptolocker mostly infects your computer through popups that want to make you believe that your computer is at risk and you just have to click HERE to fix the threat. Experienced computer users already know that one should not react to this under any circumstances. Inexperienced users, however, often get scared and then click.

The Cryptolocker will now be installed and will immediately begin encrypting files. Here are mainly Office documents (xls, doc, ppt, etc.) also encrypt Windows backup files and complete databases.

It is noteworthy that a backup, as many users do - namely simply saving a backup copy on a USB hard drive - does not help. Because all devices and network drives are searched and so everything is encrypted.

Once the job is done, you usually get a very short time in which to decide whether to pay the money or your data is lost forever. Here too, of course, the question is always whether you really get the password or whether you pay a few thousand euros to a criminal who never answers again.

For the transfer, of course, channels are used that are not traceable, mostly via addresses in different countries. Time plays a decisive role - because you will of course be interested in being able to continue working with your company as quickly as possible. And so it happens that you usually just transfer the money and hope for the best. When you are not protected against such an attack.

How can you protect yourself?

Companies that pay attention to the following generally have a higher level of security and this makes it much more difficult for malicious routines to find points of attack:

  • Current software and operating systems
  • Install updates from the manufacturer promptly
  • Operate a functioning and up-to-date virus scanner
  • Run anti-malware software
  • Make regular backups
  • Store the backups physically separate from the computer
  • Use rotating backup media
  • Instruct your employees regularly on IT security issues
  • If necessary, use Cloud backups
  • Use cloud servers
  • Use firewall systems with traffic scanning

Cryptolocker in action

We found a video from the security company Sophos that shows a possible course of an infection.

Do you need help?

We would be happy to help you increase the security in your company network. Our IT service takes care of companies on an ongoing basisso that the risk of a break-in is minimized. Get external help if IT operations are not your main focus.

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