How Much Marijuana is Too Much Marijuana

420: World Smoking Day | How much cannabis
is allowed?

420: April 20th is World Smoking Day.

Marijuana friends around the world celebrate Cannabis Day, also known as Weed Day or 420 Day. 420 stands for the American date notation: 4/20.

Punctually in the afternoon at 4:20 am, the joints will hit the world over. Also in Germany, where at least the possession of cannabis is clearly prohibited.

And smoking weed is allowed? BILD with an overview of the current legal situation.

Will I be punished if I smoke weed?

No, smoking a joint is not a criminal offense on its own.

► The consumption of narcotics remains unpunished; the principle of impunity applies if one only harms or endangers oneself.

However, possession of cannabis - just like acquiring the drug - is prohibited without special permission.So it is actually difficult to legally smoke something that you are not allowed to have or buy.

But possible: For example, if someone else offers you their joint and lets you pull it. In this case, you are safe from punishment.

But be careful: To ensure that it does not become an illegal act, always return the bag to the owner and never to a third party who may be around.

Attention: Otherwise you will be liable to prosecute the use of narcotics. Just like the owner who offered you his joint.

Adults are punished particularly harshly for giving drugs to young people under the age of 18. This is a crime and will result in at least one year in prison.

This is how it looks in the world

Who can smoke weed legally?

Since March 1, 2017, cannabis patients can be prescribed by prescription.

According to the law, all doctors - with the exception of veterinarians and dentists - are allowed to prescribe drugs containing THC if they expect them to have a positive effect on the patient.

► This applies both to a possible healing process for the disease and to an alleviation of the symptoms of the disease in the event of severe pain.

The health insurance companies can then cover the costs of the therapy if a corresponding application has been made beforehand.

The law - more precisely the Narcotics Prescription Ordinance - prescribes a maximum amount of 100 grams of dried cannabis flowers per month and patient.

Are stoners allowed to drive?

Attention: The road traffic regulations prohibit driving a vehicle under the influence of intoxicating substances.

But “if the substance comes from the intended use of a drug prescribed for a specific case of illness”, this does not apply. (§24a StVG)

► This regulation is highly controversial among traffic law experts.

Because it makes no difference to the ability to drive whether an intoxicant was taken legally or illegally!

In January, the German Traffic Court Congress therefore asked the legislature to revise this provision.

On the other hand, it should no longer be possible in principle for occasional cannabis users to have their driver's license withdrawn, say the experts.

At the moment this can still threaten stoners as long as no final new regulation has been passed.

What is THC?

The main active ingredient of the cannabis plant is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the content of which, however, varies greatly depending on the type of plant, so that not every type of cannabis is suitable for the production of intoxicants.

The active ingredient content of crops grown in Germany is only around 1.5% THC, for example, while oriental varieties contain around 5% THC on average.

Varieties (sinsemilla) that are specially grown under greenhouse conditions can contain up to 20% active ingredient.

Source: German Central Office for Addiction Issues e.V.

What amount can go unpunished?

The narcotics law distinguishes three terms of quantity:

  1. the "small amount"
  2. the "normal amount"
  3. the "not small amount"

In the federal states there is then different regulation of what is meant by a small amount. Ten grams of cannabis is the order of the day in North Rhine-Westphalia, but only up to six grams in Bavaria.

In individual cases, criminal prosecution can be waived up to this limit.

Note: Can! Because these are only guidelines for the authorities, even in the case of repetition, possession of these quantities can lead to a penalty.

In addition, the drug must be intended exclusively for personal consumption so that no criminal prosecution starts.

Those who carry larger quantities with them or who deal with cannabis, on the other hand, must expect a prison sentence. At least a year in jail alone brings the possession of a not small amount.

There is at least two years in prison for importing illegal narcotics or trafficking in drugs. Anyone who carries a weapon with them when dealing will end up in the building for five years.

Can i grow cannabis?

No, even a single cannabis plant in the flower pot actually requires a permit.

In order to stay safely below the guideline values ​​for a “small amount” and to avoid prosecution, hobby planters should hardly grow more than one plant.

Attention: Patients who have been prescribed THC therapy may be allowed to grow cannabis for self-sufficiency by the courts.

Can I sneak up if I see someone smoke weed?

In principle, you can calmly speak to others about their misconduct.

But you should always keep in mind that there is no law of the thumb in Germany.

► This means that as a private person you are not authorized to enforce the law. That is the job of the police and the public prosecutor.

But if you notice an administrative offense or a criminal offense, you can always report it to the police.

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