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Worst Of 2018: The worst albums of the year

from December 4, 2018

No, stop it! Do not hang up! No Please!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!!

Constance (according to) - "Trash. First: waste, rejects, dirt. Second: Trash and dirty literature, aesthetically inferior and morally offensive stories in notebook or book form."

If these lines sound familiar, you have passed your master's degree in "Pulp Fiction". The opening words of the 1994 film actually refer to literary ejection, but can be transferred almost one-to-one to the acoustic equivalent.

Worst albums of 2018

Here we come to the crux of the day: Unfortunately, that's what our authors have to grapple with throughout the year Not about fiction. For our pitiful writers, the ugly excesses of the music industry are a brutal reality. As has already become a tradition, we brought together the acoustic torture that saw the light of day in 2018.


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  • Django772 years ago

    Phew ... well, the Prodigy album on this list is tough when you consider that Guetta and Steve Aoki, among others, are missing.

  • Mick762 years ago

    There are some albums from the Schlager area. That's not your music anyway! No matter how well it is produced, it will be rated badly!

    • Punk Rock Uncle 2 years ago

      He did it. Hit and well produced. In ONE post. Made my day.

    • janop2 years ago

      Schlager songs are usually very well produced. Excellent mixed, recorded with top-class technology by capable people, the singers hit all the notes and would receive the top rating at SingStar. The arrangements for most of the hits are also well crafted.

      They're just really boring and so slippery that you could almost throw up with them. But criticizing a hit for it would be like criticizing a punk rock guitarist for playing improperly and for having his speaker set so badly that it overdrives.

      Because that is intentional in the hit, the listeners don't want to hear anything experimental or interesting or profound. So a boring hit did everything right and doesn't deserve a bad rating.

    • Paranoid_Android2 years ago

      "So a boring hit did everything right and doesn't deserve a bad rating."

      When you get fed up with your food in a high-priced restaurant, the restaurant has done everything right first. But if you only got canned food and ready-made sauces for the price, criticism and bad evaluation are definitely appropriate.

    • janop2 years ago

      If the restaurant tries to sell itself as classy, ‚Äč‚Äčthen it does. If the restaurant is called "Alfred's canned food and ready-made sauces", then again, not.

      McDonalds is quite expensive for the food they serve. Still, it would be ridiculous to give McDonalds a bad rating for the quality of the food, because the food is exactly as you would expect it to be (ethical issues are different, but of course you can criticize them - but that goes for too Pop stars).

      For this reason, I also think current pop music is much worse than hits. I can't suffer either, but at least most hits don't try to pretend to be artistically valuable and profound as certain pop poets.

  • Ear wax 2 years ago

    Old rule of thumb: Young, photoshopped interpreter on the cover = hands off.

  • Ragism 2 years ago

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  • Ragism 2 years ago

    Do I see it correctly that only three of the thirty worst records are not in German, and one of them ("Marquess") was practically only produced for the German market? It makes sense to me, after all, we are internationally the largest cultural banausen pack that I have come across to date.

    • mundanus maximus 2 years ago

      In German you can understand the texts a little better (in this case fatal) and the German market is the only non-English-speaking market that we really pay attention to. In addition, the generally rather critical attitude of Germans in comparison. German cultural property.
      If you were to listen to Laut.de C-Class country pop from the States or Albanian pop / rap, the list would probably look similar - only with different nationalities.

      But I don't want to deny a certain tendency among Germans to be uncultivated (in the younger modern era).

      If paradigms of rigor and accuracy in art / music become modern again, Doitschland may also score again.

  • User-58989 2 years ago

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