What's your favorite character on Sesame Street

"Keeeeekseeeeeeeee!" * mpfmampfgrmpf *

Shaggy, devilish, addicted to cookies - that's how I remember the cookie monster. Has he actually done anything other than swallowing tons of biscuits and boxes? I am currently unable to say whether a complete sentence (SPO) ever came out of it.

Nonetheless, he was one of the great heroes of Sesame Street and one of the first to be memorialized in the form of a muffin or cupcake. Thank goodness he was not left alone and some of his colleagues can - with the necessary artistic talent - be made capable of eating.

In addition to being addicted to cookies, the cookie monster has another distinctive trait that makes it an excellent candidate for HighFoodality's Cookbook of Colors this month - it's "blue"!

Who was your favorite character from Sesame Street? It doesn't take me long to think about it. Big, shaggy, with a comforter - Samson!

Cookie Monster Muffins

1 NKFOM muffins basic recipe for sweet muffins

5 tbsp powdered sugar
some water
1/2 packet of desiccated coconut
1 vial of blue food coloring
~ 100g marzipan paste
powdered sugar as desired
24 chocolate chips
1 pack of cookie monster biscuits or biscuits of your choice

Which muffin you bake here is up to you. Let your imagination run wild and put together your own cookie monster variation. For me it was banana / chocolate. The muffins are completely prepared according to the instructions. Before they are allowed to cool down a bit, cut a large slit in the muffin for the biscuit. That works better if it is still a little warm.
While the muffin is now cooling, mix powdered sugar, water and some blue food coloring to form a blue icing. The rest of the food coloring is mixed with the desiccated coconut. The marzipan is sweetened with a little powdered sugar - depending on the gusto - and then shaped into small balls into which you stick a chocolate drop as a pupil.
Now it's time to decorate. The muffins are generously brushed with the glaze and then put upside down in the desiccated coconut. Turn it slightly and you should have a blue muffin. Now put a biscuit in the slot. The eyes are flattened a little on the underside and carefully glued to the muffin with a little glaze and yes, the cookie monster can squint a little. The glaze now has to harden a little and then nothing stands in the way of the pleasure of eating a real cookie monster.