Why doesn't someone impress you in the past

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    People who impressed us

    Moien hers,

    do you know that? Encounters with people who have left a lasting impression on you. For example, because they were such special personalities or had a special message for you. One often "forgets" such encounters in the gray of everyday life and in the tunnel vision of problems. Would you like to refresh these memories here in this Fred again ?!

    I had a few such encounters in my dance training. From my fellow dancers to lecturers to THE new dance luminary Keriac, with whom I did a workshop shortly before her death, and who, when she was over 60, had no problem overriding gravity ...

    Then there were isolated messages that stuck in my head: from an unknown woman in a ship's cafe, from my training teacher. If I think about it, I can think of more.

    I feel like this with these impressions: even if they were only fleeting encounters or a few words - it is as if they have become a part of me. They are burned in and often give me strength today, years later.

    Good night

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    Hi Gaby,

    When I was in the hospital a little long ago because of an arrhythmia, I was in a room with a 36-year-old family man, with whom I also talked about life, the past, the future, etc. I still benefit from these conversations today.

    Who knows what would have become of me if I hadn't had it.

    In any case, it helped me a lot.

    I also had a very good friend in the home, with whom I often had a beer. I was able to talk to him about things that I would never have been able to talk to other people about.

    Perhaps the only flaw he had was that he was smoking weed, but he was still one of the most intelligent people I have met in my life so far.

    mfg Malo

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    Nice topic, Gaby!

    It wasn't that long ago that I met a very impressive person. Just a few days.

    That was at a business meeting. A first contact - I had never seen this person before.

    What I liked so much:
    I saw an absolutely authentic person - everything was just right there. Gestures, facial expressions, the whole habitus, language - a completely round picture. At no time did I even begin to have the feeling that one doesn't really fit the other. Class!

    I have rarely seen this "purity" before, it made my day sweeter and it still has an effect now!

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    Hi Elba,

    yes, it is this extremely high level of authenticity that impresses me so much about these people. It actually became a kind of goal in life for me.

    @ Malo: yes, it is often the simple people in the immediate vicinity who have something to give.

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    At most, meeting the owner of the company I work for. It rained extremely there last year, and when he wanted to make his daily tour of the company and saw that there were some still standing under the canopy and didn't want to go home in the downpour, he asked for one even greeted with a handshake. Even me, where I was just doing an internship at the time, and he is someone who, through smart decisions and business acumen, is good at owning a few hundred million euros, which his company, which has been running excellently for years, has earned him. He also respects the "little" people, and if you get respect from people who don't need to show you respect, that motivates you. So you feel more like part of the whole in the company.

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    I know someone who also impresses me. He's a little older, okay ... he could be my father ...
    It is an acquaintance of my mother's. Aside from the fact that he seemed so balanced and has a ... yes, somehow mysterious charisma (probably just charisma lol), he is also interested in esotericism and psychology and what he said was a hand and foot and I thought it was awesome - easy just....
    With him I can use the saying "madness and genius are close together" ...
    Unfortunately, he is currently suffering from psychosis and exaggerates his ideas of magic, esotericism, etc ... but who knows?
    I was impressed by his composure and his talent at being able to look behind the facade ... Or his way of dealing with people and helping them. Not blind and superficial like some others are ......
    He still has a fascinating effect on me, even if things are not going well at the moment and some consider him crazy ..... But Van Gogh painted his best pictures in a state of madness

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    Nice subject

    I was really impressed by my former school colleague. Not just me - he has impressed pretty much everyone (including Profs). I couldn't put his way and his character together in any book, he is so fascinating and OWN, you can't believe that as an outsider.

    In short ... he is a person who lives very intensely in his own world! In the 5 years that we were in a class together, I learned more about life from him than from anyone and anything else.

    I remember that on every school trip we went on, we would meet in a room and talk. Of course we all talked about private matters, too, and he? He does not. He doesn't reveal anything about himself and yet he has more friends and acquaintances than anyone else (very popular!).

    I've talked to him so much in the 5 years and all I know about him is: He loves his 3 cats more than anything, even has them as a screen background, he makes a lot of videos, his father died 8 years ago, his mother is a weird artist with very long orange hair, has 2 siblings, plays football and ice hockey in one team, is rich and has shoe size 44. That's it. NOBODY really knows him privately.

    I don't know anyone who is like him. You can never forget it! He made such an impression that I don't care about any other classmates.

    I'm looking forward to our class reunion I am curious what he will have achieved with his - for us crazy - attitude to life by then ..

    Nostalgic greetings!
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    My German teacher used to be who called us every day after my sister tried suicide - every day. I had her from the 5th grade to the 13th grade and I still write letters with her every now and then - now she lives in the north with her friend. She wasn't always on our side, she was also very competent as a teacher.