Why do all Android phones copy iPhones

Show and empty clipboard on Android and iPhone - this is how it works

Similar to a Windows PC, a cell phone also has a clipboard in which copied content, for example text, is stored. We'll show you how to find and delete words from the clipboard on Android and iPhone.

The clipboard can be used, for example, to copy links and paste them into a messenger. In contrast to the "large" computer, many cell phones can even store several entries. This way you can quickly find copied content if something else has already been cached.

Clipboard on Android

This is how the feature works on Android:

  1. To copy content, first highlight the text and then hold your finger longer on the highlight.
  2. Then choose Copy.
  3. To paste the saved text from the clipboard, tap on a free space in the text field
  4. Keep your finger on the screen.
  5. You choose the option Insert, the last saved text is inserted in the input field.
  6. If you tap on the clipboard instead, all of the recently saved content will be displayed. Select older text to insert.

In addition to copied text, there are also screenshots created here. At this point you also have the option of using the Empty clipboard on Android. This will remove all recently saved content from the history. Alternatively, you can delete the clipboard by simply restarting the phone.

If your mobile phone does not support the clipboard with multiple entries, a corresponding app will help. If you need several clipboards, install, for example, the Clipboard Actions & Notes or Clipper apps.

The feature works across all apps. For example, you can simply copy content in the browser window and then paste it into a messenger such as WhatsApp.

Function on the iPhone

You can also copy text and content to the clipboard on the iPhone by marking it beforehand. If you use several devices with the same Apple ID, the clipboard works across devices. To do this, the devices must be nearby, be registered in the same WLAN and have Bluetooth activated. You also have to activate the handoff function on both iOS devices or the Mac if you want to transfer the clipboard:

  1. On the iPhone, open the Settings.
  2. Control the section Generally at.
  3. You can find the entry here AirPlay & Handoff.
  4. Activate the option in the submenu.

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There is no clipboard history with the standard keyboard app on the iPhone. Only the last element is saved. If you want to delete this, simply copy a new text passage of your choice. If you want to cache several entries, use an alternative keyboard app, for example SwiftKey.