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Remy LeBeau

Remy LeBeau


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Remy LeBeau is a master thief, but also a mutant. He is better known by the name gambit.

History [edit | Edit source]

Prehistory Edit source]

Remy LeBeau's childhood is completely unknown. All you know is that he is an orphan and at some point at a young age was captured by military scientist William Stryker and his people (such as Zero and Sabretooth) and put in Stryker's mutant prison. But he was the first to escape from there and was also the last to do so.

From this time on, Remy LeBeau or Gambit, as he was called by his cellmates, mostly stayed in pubs, where he ripped off other people in card games. He had already done this in prison with his cellmates, which is why he got his nickname. He is a fabulous card player and nobody in the pubs knew that he could also charge these cards with kinetic energy through his mutant ability.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine [edit | Edit source]

One day Wolverine was looking for him because Remy wanted to know how to get into the prison. After all, he was the only one who could ever escape. But when Remy saw Wolverine's necklace with his name and number, which he had already seen on Sabretooth, who had captured him at the time, he loaded an ace of diamonds with kinetic energy and threw it at Wolverine. This was thrown away and Gambit took the deck of cards, charged it with kinetic energy and threw them all at Wolverine, which threw it against a wall, which then gave way and Wolverine flew through to the street.

Gambit came out of the pub shortly afterwards, but was then punched in the face by Wolverine because he was busy with his brother Sabretooth. While the brothers were fighting, Gambit got his special staff and ran over the rooftops back to the scene. Then he jumped down between the two brothers and struck his staff with all his might on the ground. Of course, he had kinetically charged it and so the glass shop windows shattered and the brothers were thrown away.

But when Sabretooth left, Wolverine was stopped by Gambit. Then a fight between Gambit and Wolverine began. In the end, Wolverine was able to defeat Gambit and held him against a wall. Then Wolverine told him again very clearly that he wanted to kill his opponents and that he had to come to the island for that. Gambit then took him to this island by helicopter.

Some time later, after the brothers Wolverine and Sabretooth had destroyed Deadpool, parts of the power station in which the prison was located threatened to fall on Wolverine. Gambit jumped to the parts at the last second and destroyed them with his staff, whereupon he asked Wolverine, "Did you miss me?" After Wolverine thanked him, he immediately ran to help the other mutants escape.

After all the mutants were freed and safe, he went back to Wolverine, whom Stryker had meanwhile shot in the head with an adamantium cartridge. Wolverine healed, but lost all of his memories as a result of the shot and no longer recognized both Gambit and his lover Kayla Silverfox. But Gambit was still able to persuade him to flee the island. Wolverine told him he would find his way and go away alone.

What happened to Gambit is still unknown.

Skills [edit | Edit source]

Remy can generate kinetic energy and thus cause objects to explode. He prefers to use normal playing cards for this. But he also has a special staff, with which he z. B. can hit the ground to trigger an explosion of energy.