Why is monitoring in the playground so important

Everyday family life in the corona crisis

The market is booming. Surveillance has lost its horror and finds its way into family life under different names. iNanny, MamaBear, Qustodio, Familo, Ignore No More, TABALUGA SOS Family App and Co have recognized the signs of the times and sell families what is valuable in times of uncertainty: protection and security for their loved ones - just a click away .
Nowadays, many parents are trying harder than ever to do everything in the best possible way. Under the many critical eyes, in the jungle of guidebooks and parenting blogs, it is really not easy for young parents these days to remain level-headed and not give in to their own insecurities and fears right away. Especially when the solution seems so simple: One-click security.
Knowing where the child is at all times can be a very reassuring feeling, especially for parents in urban areas. And it's practical too. You don't have to be at the playground all the time and you can give the child more parent-free time (and the parents more child-free) than without such electronic feedback. Do the household chores in peace while the child (or his mobile phone) is busy with friends at the playground - presumed to be safe. If it leaves the specified area, parents receive a warning SMS: The geo-fence set via smartphone has been exceeded, the permitted area has been left (see illustration). If you want, you can follow your child live at every turn via GPS and Google Maps or buy him a watch that will also sound the alarm at the company.

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