When will the CAT 2017 notification arrive

No SMS notification 7

I get relatively few text messages and only now noticed that I no longer receive notification of incoming text messages: no sound, no vibration. The settings in the messaging app itself were quickly checked. Everything OK. So I wanted to change the tone. But oops! There are no sounds at all. Now it's getting interesting.

Actually, it doesn't matter why the problem exists. It is there and needs to be resolved. The fun begins. This article relates to my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone, which is no longer entirely new.

Where are the tones stored in Android?

Locally in the device: system> media> audio

First of all, we have to make sure we have sounds. Funny? Not really. I was pretty scared that I couldn't find the system sounds. Maybe you won't be able to get there with on-board tools if you want to change a notification tone. It doesn't work with the pre-installed file manager either. If you connect the mobile phone to the PC and try to use Explorer, the folder remains system also invisible. That's not normal, I would say. But I'm not taking the time to investigate now. I did the following.

Addition from May 1st, 2019: I used the ES File Explorer. In the meantime it has become known that it is better to uninstall it. That's why I've been using the preinstalled File Explorer from Samsung since the end of April 2019.

Use the slashes in the top left to select the device.

Then you work your way through to the folder system> media> audio and see that all sounds are still there. Lucky you 😉 The following folders are available: alarms, notifications, pensounds, ringtones and ui. Only cell phones with a pen have the pensounds folder.

Copy the audio folder to an accessible area

Now go back one level to the folder Local> system> media by tapping on media at the top of the path, long tap the folder audio and then choose Copy.

At the top, tap the little houses, choose the Internal storage, make sure it doesn't already have a folder audio there and choose below Insert.

You have now copied the “hidden” audio folder into the internal memory, where you can access it at any time. You can now change the notification tone in the Messages app.

Still no SMS notification?

First a realization. Because I didn't want to send text messages to myself from another cell phone, I sent the test text messages to myself using the messaging app and Skype. And guess what the problem is? In these cases there is no notification. Again, I have no idea why. In any case, I didn't really notice when the notifications started working again.

Deactivate and restart the SMS app

Just restarting the cell phone didn't help. So I went to the Application manager and there for News app. The first thing I tapped was Storage and emptied the Cache. Then I tapped Force stop. Then I tapped Deactivate. A short time later, I reactivated the app and tested it from another cell phone. Lo and behold, the SMS arrived, the device vibrated and answered with the notification tone.

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