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Toll badge for the motorway: how does it work?

Practical information for everyone who wants to buy a toll box for the French, Spanish, Portuguese and / or Italian motorways. Here are the most important questions and answers about the Bip & Go badge.

Which toll boxes or badges are there and what can they be used for?

There are currently two toll boxes available: One applies to France, Spain and Portugal, the other is the so-called. Europe badgeyou in France, Spain, Portugal + Italy can use. The responder registers your mileage on the toll sections of the motorway and uses this to calculate the toll costs, which are then debited from your account on a monthly basis.

In France in particular, the responder registers the cost per kilometer on all toll roads (Autoroutes / Télépéage), the access price for the Millau Viaduct in the south of the country and the parking fees in around 400 car parks in France.

Do you really save time with the toll transponder?

Absolutely! Instead of joining the payment line, you simply take the "T" lane and the toll gate opens as if by magic. You don't even have to stop at "Réservé" portals, you can simply drive through at 30 km / h *. What is also practical: The fee is debited afterwards and you get a clear overview of all toll costs.

* Please note: It works a little differently in Portugal and Italy and the license plate is scanned.

Does the toll box work with all vehicles?

Yes, in principle with all cars, mobile homes and caravans. However, the "Réservé" lane, on which you can drive at 30 km / h, is often only intended for cars under 2 m high. Caravans and cars with roof boxes you have to drive to one of the alleys with the orange "T". These are sometimes designed as drive-through lanes, but not at every péage station. Sometimes there are only lanes with barriers where you have to stop briefly. The convenience with the toll box remains the same: the barrier opens automatically and the toll is debited later.

DANGER: Motorhomes that weigh more than 3.5 tons or are taller than 3 meters can NOT use the toll box, as they are in a higher vehicle class.

And motorcyclists?

There is an arm badge for them so that they can drive through without dismounting. On some routes, special biker lanes have even been set up at the toll stations. If this is not the case, you should definitely NOT use the "T" lane for vehicles up to 2 m high, otherwise you will pay the car tariff.

What did the motorway toll cost for my route?

The billing system records the exact fee for the respective route and vehicle class without any surcharge. You can find more information about tolls in France here.

How long in advance do I have to order the thing?

Bip & Go sends the toll box within 48 hours of ordering, but by normal post. A letter abroad usually takes a maximum of 3 days, but it can't hurt to allow a little more time to be on the safe side.


Online orders are still possible. However, delivery may take longer than normal as there are currently only 2 shipments per week. You will receive an email as soon as the shipping date is known.

For existing customers, the Subscriber area the ability to adjust various things at home: change of contact and bank details, new car registration number, request to replace the badge, change of subscription, order another badge or a holder, report a lost / stolen badge, etc.

How big is the toll box and how is it attached?

The toll box consists of an approx. 6 x 4 cm small transponder card (the “badge”) and a holder that is attached to the windshield at the height of the rear-view mirror. For taller motorhomes, it may be more practical to attach the box to the lower area of ​​the windscreen.

Does the badge have an expiration date?

In principle not: The box has unlimited validity, billing is based on the applicable tariffs, either on a subscription basis or for the corresponding period of use. But be careful: If you do not use the badge for a year, an administration fee of € 10 will be deducted (but ONLY if the box has really not registered a toll for a whole year).

What if you stand at the toll gate and the toll box does not work?

First of all, check whether the box is correctly attached (under the rear-view mirror) and whether it is hanging the right way round. If nothing happens, the best thing to do is to go to an employee and have the toll box number scanned or noted. In an emergency, you have to call the Bip & Go customer service and have them checked whether the box is technically in order: 0033 9 708 08 765 (EN / FR).

Can you somehow switch off the Bip & Go box if you don't want to use it?

The badge can simply be pushed out of the holder and z. B. put in the glove compartment if you do not want to use the toll box for a certain route or do not want to activate it for the respective month. In this case, you pay the toll as usual in cash or with a card at the toll gates provided for this purpose.

Can the toll box also be used for other cars?

For use in France and Spain, the toll box is not tied to a car or a person. However, the toll will be debited from the badge owner's account.

As for use in Portugal and Italy, it is important that the license plate of the vehicle in question is registered in advance (in the personal details in the subscriber area of ​​the website). A change or addition to a license plate (e.g. a rental car) is possible, but a processing time of 24 hours is expected.

TIP: Bip & Go has its ownYoutube channel, on which you can find practical tips on how to use the badge.

You can find more questions and answers on theQ&A website from Bip & Go.

Find out how to get a Bip & Go toll box and what it all costs here!

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