What is your perception of art

Day seminar
"Perception and Intuition"


Unfortunately, the current regulation makes it impossible for me to hold a face-to-face seminar in December. As soon as the measures are relaxed, a new date will be set.

How do you find your very own perception,
Trust your intuition and increase your resilience.

These times of change are reminiscent of the metaphor of the broken mirror: our common image of the world is broken into countless splinters. We feel increasingly left alone with many important questions.


What do you do when the news, family or friends barely give you any orientation?

  • What should I stick to in the search for truth and orientation?
  • How do I form a picture of the world for myself and
  • how do I combine this with my wishes and ideas?


As a graphic designer and artist, I have been researching the function and image of our perception for 40 years. From my shamanic practice, I also developed a basic understanding of training our senses.

In this connection of ancient knowledge and modern knowledge, answers to your questions about a meaningful way of life can be found. With meditations, exercises and playful interactions, I will guide you in this seminar to discover the power of your senses as access to deep inner knowledge.

1. Clarify your own perception

We talk about perception, sensory reception, inner and outer image and intuition and access knowledge from perceptual psychology, modern brain research and practices of indigenous peoples. Intuition can be practiced when it is recognized as a subtle extension of our usual sensory perception and we begin to trust it.

We remember the "early childhood amazement"
and practice unconditional and mindful awareness.


2. Find your own channel in the "Freiraum Intuition"

The "Freiraum Intuition" leads us into a community experience filled with playful self-expression. We experience how our very own individual intuition shows and follow our spontaneous inspiration in free expression, such as: noises, tones - supported by sound instruments, singing, language, movement, dance, body expression. But peace and quiet are also invited.

We use the as inspiration for a collective open space experience
Templates from the artist book "Orm Art - Templates for Intuition".

3. Discover your intuition and trust it as a future advisor

Those who understand the past, present and future as time qualities (and not just as quantity) can use them positively for themselves. In a guided meditation we move into the future towards our most beautiful visions and learn to concretize and internalize them.

With tolerance and diversity, we approach a picture of the world as we wish it and how it is inherent in ourselves at the same time.

Participant vote:

“As one of the participants, I would like to thank you again personally for your two workshops at the“ Future Workshop ”in the Tempelhof Castle community, which gave me completely new perceptions and experiences. Above all, the power of intuition. I am now still happy and excited that I have let myself go with you on this new workshop terrain. But also about the creativity with which wonderful “news from the future” was created in just one afternoon. That is exactly what I need right now: Positive visions of a future worth living that we have worked out and shared together! This has made the question of meaning in my activities and projects for a better life for everyone in the future obsolete and has made me go home strengthened and confident. Sincerely, Albert ”


Place: Atelier Frank Fischer, Obere Stadt 8, 82362 Weilheim

4 to 8 participants
Methodical approach: Interaction, trance, exercise, knowledge transfer, exchange
Having lunch: Beverages during breaks (coffee, tea, water) and snacks are included. A possible joint lunch - probably as catering - can be organized on the day of the seminar.

If the Corona measures prohibit meeting in the studio, I will offer:

  • New date in January or February

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