What is the purpose of a handrail

Stainless steel and structural steel handrails from the metalworker from Bochum

Handrails are safety-relevant componentsthat can be found in every building. Whether in stairwells, on balconies, in barrier-free living rooms or in buses and trains - they are indispensable both at home and in public spaces. After all, handrails have an important purpose: They should give people the opportunity to support themselves. This way it will to a great extent security guaranteed - regardless of whether for older or young people.

The Franken Metalltechnik GmbH in Bochum has been manufacturing for over a century robust handrails made of stainless steel and mild steel - and this in different variations and strengths. Countless companies and municipal institutions are among our loyal customers. If you are looking for a manufacturer of steel structures that specializes in stainless steel handrails, you have come to the right place in Bochum!

Stainless steel handrails for indoor and outdoor use - short-term production & delivery possible!

Most people take handrails for granted. Often one does not even notice them consciously. But if the components are not available, for example on a banister, you immediately notice that something is missing. Around protection and safety To be able to guarantee in a wide variety of buildings, high-quality stainless steel handrails should be installed. We from the company Franken Metalltechnik in Bochum know us very well with the production this Steel structures out. Whether for multi-family houses, kindergartens, hospitals or single-family houses - our experienced service employees take the required measurementsso that we can start producing your desired stainless steel handrails in the shortest possible time. Of course we do that too professional assembly of the components. Please contact us!