Can color white quartz worktops

The quartz stone kitchen worktop: durable and diverse

Quartz stone has a large assortment of colors and can therefore be individually tailored to your kitchen. White quartz stone kitchen countertops are particularly popular, as pure white does not even appear in other materials such as granite. In addition, as a non-porous material, quartz stone guarantees hygiene in the kitchen. It is also a very hard material, which avoids scratches and wear marks. After all, the quartz stone kitchen worktop is water-repellent, so there is no absorption of water or other liquids.

What other advantages does the quartz stone worktop offer for the kitchen?

You want a new oneMount kitchen worktop?A quartz stone kitchen worktop has the advantage that it is made of a synthetic material. The composite made of ground quartz, resin binder and enhancing additives meets many requirements in the kitchen: worktops are subject to heavy use and should still look like new for a long time. While the hardness and density of quartz stone are hardly inferior to those of granite and ceramic, the material offers the advantage of a wide range of colors: whether white, champagne, black, gray or even green - the quartz stone kitchen worktop can be found to match any interior.

Prices and manufacturers

Quartz stone kitchen countertops are great value for money. They offer elegance and durability at a relatively affordable price. A square meter of quartz stone countertop for the kitchen costs between 50 and 100 euros. You can select and order the worktops from furniture shops, hardware stores and kitchen outfitters such as Ikea, Hornbach or Obi.


Opposite a kitchen worktop made of glass, a solid beech worktop (more on this here) or a concrete worktop for the kitchen, the quartz stone kitchen worktop offers numerous advantages: With quartz stone you are choosing a robust material that is not only functional, but also completes tasteful and modern kitchen furnishings.

Adrian Kurras is editor at the kitchen portal. As a passionate hobby cook, he knows the daily requirements a kitchen has to cope with from his own experience. In the kitchen magazine he writes about design options in the kitchen, the right furnishings and everything that goes with it.

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