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BUSINESS WIRE: Phenom among the first “Strategic Leaders” in Fosway's 9-Grid ™ for Talent Acquisition 2021

05.05.2021 - 09:00


The growing role of talent experience reflects Phenom's growth and commitment to global clients

MUNICH - (BUSINESS WIRE) - 05/05/2021 -

Phenom, the number one solution provider in Talent Experience Management (TXM), has been recognized as a Strategic Leader in the Fosway 9-GridTM for Talent Acquisition 2021. Fosway regards companies as "Strategic Leaders" who offer efficient solutions with a wide range of functions and who meet the high demands of complex customers in the upper market segment. In addition, these solutions are superior to the alternatives available on the market in terms of customer effectiveness and customer advocacy.

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The Fosway Group 9-GridTM Report for Talent Acquisition shows the relative positioning of the solutions and providers in the European market segment of talent acquisition systems. Based on the analysis of data collected in a market affected by the pandemic, the report for the year 2021 also presents the scalability of software solutions and their performance under the volatile conditions of last year.

The report highlights several key market and solution trends:

  • THE BIG RESTART: Companies that have lost jobs in the past year are turning to better recruiting technology to prepare for strategic and efficient new hires.
  • APPLICATION EXPERIENCE: Transparent communication and agile decision-making processes are prerequisites for a positive applicant experience - for both selected and unselected applicants.
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: To stay competitive, companies need to use AI and automation in the hiring process.
  • DIVERSITY, EQUAL RIGHTS AND INCLUSION: For more and more employers, diversity, equality and inclusion are central elements of their HR strategy.
  • VIDEO EXPERIENCES: The use of live videos in the hiring process will continue beyond the pandemic as it is an efficient and authentic approach for many companies to find the most suitable candidates.
  • PLANNING INTERVIEWS: Chatbot and AI minimize problems in the scheduling process and enable more meaningful interactions between applicants and recruiters.
  • TALENT MARKETPLACE: The most effective solutions must support gigs, reskilling and upskilling for mutual growth of employers and employees.
  • COLLABORATIVE RECRUITMENT PROCESS: Communication between the recruiter's and hiring manager's workflows is facilitated through integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

"Phenom's focus on transforming the candidate and recruiting experience has had a huge impact on the marketplace," said David Wilson, CEO of Fosway. "The rapidly growing adoption in large corporations as well as the expanded physical presence and acquisitions in multiple markets accelerate its triumphant advance in Europe and worldwide. All of this establishes the higher positioning of Phenom as Strategic Leader for Talent Acquisition in 2021."

In 2020, the Phenom platform was used by 25,000 recruiters, talent marketers and hiring managers, helping hire more than two million employees and serving over three million employees.

The Phenom platform automates administrative tasks and personalizes experiences throughout the talent journey. This enables applicants to find the right job faster, employees learn and expand their skills, recruiters discover the most suitable talent with efficiency and scalability, and managers make more informed, data-driven decisions to put their future teams together.

Kuehne + Nagel, a global logistics company and Phenom customer, discovers new advantages of the Phenom platform every day.

"With Phenom, we have optimized our centralized recruiting processes for each hemisphere, built an external career page and adapted it to the regional markets, implemented a CRM and now upgraded the experience of our employees - with the aim of providing the most sophisticated talent acquisition ecosystem in the industry," reports Sandra Aasma, global HR systems expert at Kuehne + Nagel.

"As Phenom continues to expand across EMEA, we are pleased to be recognized as one of the first strategic leaders in Fosway's talent acquisition grid," said Jeff Carey, senior vice president, international business, Phenom. "Our new positioning in the Fosway 9-gridTM shows that companies regularly choose Phenom - thanks to our state-of-the-art AI-based platform and our sustained commitment to the customer. By continuously improving existing products and introducing new ones, we remain pioneers of a rapidly evolving one HR technology market. "

Over 100 companies across EMEA have implemented the Phenom platform to improve their talent experience. Due to the skyrocketing demand for TXM solutions, Phenom recently acquired two European-based companies and opened a branch in Munich to complement its European headquarters in Rotterdam. With over 100 employees working in countries such as Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the UK, Phenom is strengthening the role of the EMEA region within its growth strategy.

You can find out more about Phenom's positioning as a Strategic Leader on her blog.

Fosway's full analysis is available in 9-gridTM 2021.

About Phenom

Phenom is a global HR technology company committed to helping one billion people find the right job. With its expertise in building AI-supported, scalable solutions, Phenom personalizes and automates Talent Experience Management (TXM) for candidates, recruiters, employees and management with its career website, chatbot, CRM, CMS, SMS and email -Campaigns, University Recruiting, Internal Mobility, Career Pathing, Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Marketplace, Gigs, Referrals, Hiring Managers and Analytics. The result is employers improving their talent acquisition and management by helping candidates and employees find the right job, recruiters identify and engage the right talent, and management optimizing HR strategy, processes and spending. Phenom was among the fastest growing technology companies in the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and won a 2020 regional Timmy Award for launching and optimizing HelpOneBillion.com.

Phenom is headquartered in the Philadelphia / USA area. The company has further offices in India, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.

More information is available at www.phenom.com. Connect with Phenom on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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