What to do before Christmas

24 things to do before Christmas

On the one hand there is the festival with all its contemplation, which should actually invite you to shift down a gear, to unite dear people around you and to nibble on all sorts of Christmas goodies - all of this means Christmas to me.

Christmas and checklists - how do they fit together?

At the same time, however, it can also be a stressful time, because of course you want everything to be perfect when the family announces their visit, the tree decorations should match the rest of the decoration in the apartment and the gifts should have a deeper meaning, a connection to the recipient.
I know that many feel the same way as I do: We prefer to work with checklists or to-do lists. Then why not organize a bit of the Christmas stress in order to put more emphasis on the contemplation and the true spirit of Christmas?

Ok - and why 24 things?

Well, because I'm really into numbers and 24 and Christmas just belong together. : D

The Christmas checklist - when should it be ticked off?

In fact, every year I plan to do all of the things on my Christmas checklist before December 1st. Every year, I wish to experience the pre-Christmas period, the Advent period, completely without stress, without shopping and without worrying about gifts. First of all: It won't work. I just do a lot of things in December because for me it belongs in December. The truth is: there is always something new and unexpected. I even do some things myself on Christmas Eve. But that's okay. The list serves as a guide and is not intended to degenerate into print. Now it even works. : D

So here it comes, my personal Christmas checklist with 24 (+1) things to do before Christmas:

Christmas Checklist - 24 Things to Do Before Christmas

  1. Tinker or buy an advent calendar
  2. Choose Christmas music, turn it on and hear it until Christmas
  3. Make a decision on a color scheme or style for the decoration
  4. Create a (further) list of Christmas gift ideas
  5. Decorate for Christmas
  6. Have photos taken for Christmas cards or take them yourself
  7. Buying stamps for sending Christmas cards
  8. Make or buy an Advent wreath
  9. Find baking recipes
  10. Stock up on ingredients for cookies (because they were looted just before Christmas)
  11. bake cookies
  12. Prepare sachets of cookies for the neighbors and work colleagues
  13. Decorate windows with fairy lights
  14. Possibly plan a specific trip
  15. Collect ideas for Christmas dinner
  16. Browse through existing wrapping paper - buy new wrapping paper if necessary
  17. Wrap up the gifts you have already bought
  18. Drink hot chocolate - but it still tastes great in December;)
  19. Pick out Christmas scented candles and light them to get in the mood
  20. Complete Christmas DIYs (decorations or gifts)
  21. Looking through the Christmas wardrobe: do I want to wear something specific on Christmas Eve and Christmas?
  22. Speaking of clothes: Put together a clothing donation from good, but no longer worn items of clothing
  23. Visit the Christmas market
  24. Share your own wish list (e.g. create it via Amazon or classically handwritten)
  25. # Prepare Blogmas2017 for the blog

You see, the 24 things are mostly things I do to get in the mood for Christmas. I often do not put up the Christmas tree, wrap up the presents or actually cook the food until just before Christmas. But this “stress” is positive for me because I really enjoy it.

Do you have a to-do list for Christmas? Or do you do things at the last minute?