What should I learn Ukrainian or Russian

Interesting facts about the Ukrainian language

Ukrainian belongs to the family of Slavic languages. Ukrainian is the second largest of the Slavic languages ​​after Russian. About 47 million people speak Ukrainian. There are 37 million native speakers in Ukraine itself. The other speakers are spread all over the world: They live in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Croatia, Latvia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, the USA, Uzbekistan and Belarus. More than 100,000 people with Ukrainian roots also live in Germany.
So you can hear Ukrainian (and soon speak it with this express course) in many countries - not just in Ukraine.
In Ukraine itself, three quarters of the population speak Ukrainian. Just as many people say they speak Russian. And many speak both languages ​​at the same time. This situation is historical: During the Soviet Union, Russian dominated the whole country. However, since Ukraine gained independence in 1991, Ukrainian has been the official language of the country and the language of instruction in all schools.
The long and intensive coexistence and coexistence of the two languages ​​has meanwhile also created a hybrid form; the Ukrainians call them Surschyk. Surschyk is not a written language. It is only cultivated in people's everyday dealings with one another. In addition to this mixed language, you will also hear many different dialects in Ukraine.
You can roughly distinguish three dialect zones: one in the north, one in the south-west and one in the south-east of the country. The form of Ukrainian in the southeast of the country is considered to set the standard for the whole country. You will also learn this variant in our express course.
In your Ukrainian express course you will always find a description in Latin letters under the word written in Cyrillic. Learning will definitely be easier for you!