What can you feel in my aura

Aura reading and Prana perception

I would like to describe something that I have read about blind people who have regained their sight. There are people who were able to see as children and who later became blind due to an accident or illness. Years later they were able to see again through a new type of operation. As happy as they are at first, after a while many people become desperate. The more information is overwhelming. If you don't see, but only hear, you only perceive those who are saying something. The many others who are also in the room are not noticed. But when you are a new sight, you suddenly see all the people. And you can see how many people are unhappy and suffer. Then two problematic things can happen. First: You relate everything to yourself. If this person looks so weird now, is they angry with me? Did I do something wrong? Is she going to do something to me in a moment? In truth, the other person may not notice you at all and instead think about the interview that will take place the day after tomorrow. Second, one feels responsible for alleviating or releasing everyone's suffering. As desirable as it is to seek to help and serve others, it is impossible to comfort all those who suffer. The newly sighted must learn not to relate the perceived facial expressions to themselves and to accept that they are not responsible for everyone around them.

It is similar with a person who begins to be sensitive to energies: If he feels that someone is angry or sad, he should just feel it as a perception. It can help to say inwardly: “Perceive, perceive, perceive.” One should not think that one is the cause of the anger or the sadness of the other. Rather, one should accept that one has simply made an energy perception and that one can possibly be mistaken. And one should realize that one cannot dissolve the suffering of all people and that one cannot or does not have to take responsibility for it. If possible, say a kind word, show sympathy, or offer help. Quite often you just have to say inwardly: “Dear cosmic energy, I entrust you with the people in front of me. Please take care of him / her. ”Then you detach yourself from the other, breathe in and out deeply with your stomach and feel in your own center.