Which song motivates you to exercise

Workout playlist: With this music you train more efficiently

Current research shows that athletes perform better when they listen to music. Because the right music helps us to make the training experience varied and thus to train longer.

The decisive factor, however, is the choice of music - which is the right one depends on the training phase and type of your workout.

Music as a motivational booster

Knowledge about the emotional impact of music handed down. Emotion is directly linked to motivation. So which aspects of music drive an athlete to push the limits of his performance upwards?

Especially with anaerobic training According to current studies, on the one hand specific musical schemes within a composition (such as strong rhythms) motivate, on the other hand, a high degree of variety within the playlist plays a key role in motivation.

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1. High performance beats

The playlist was put together by a team of creative music supervisors, academic staff and the use of an emotion recognition algorithm.

The songs included are particularly suitable for intensive anaerobic training.

Do you want to get started right away? Then just listen to the playlist directly.

2. Home gym workout

Do you want to train at home and need a fresh playlist for it? The Home Gym Workout Playlist motivates you with the latest hits from the charts. So you can train your singing voice at the same time during the workout.

Here you can listen directly.

3. Fit 2020

A mix of upbeat songs and quieter hits - but all perfect for workouts at home or in the gym. So you can work on your dream body in a motivated and in a good mood in 2020.

Listen to the playlist here.

Workout Playlists: Spotify

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1. Fit with a beat

Popular hits with a strong upbeat tempo bring you energetically to your training goals. If you want to be in a good mood during the workout, this is the perfect playlist.

This is where you get to the “Motivation Mix” playlist.

3. Yoga & Meditation

Which music for which training phase?

During the warm-up and during training it is especially important that the music activated and motivated. Test subjects achieved better average performances with music.

Her maximum strength also improved with music. After a workout, quiet music helps with recovery and, for example, ensures a faster drop in heart rate.

However, especially during the actual training, you should differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic training.

At the aerobic exercise the athlete is exposed to long, but low stress. This can be an endurance run, for example.

The anaerobic exercise however, it is characterized by intensive and short units, for example sprints.

Music during aerobic exercise

The synchronization of the athletes with the music plays an important role in aerobic training - i.e. with a low training load - because athletes automatically adapt their movements to the rhythm of the music.

This also has a positive effect: if the music is in sync with the training rhythm, a low oxygen consumption the athlete can be determined.

Music during anaerobic training

In contrast to aerobic training, anaerobic training relies on intensive performance. The music should be more energetic and driving than for aerobic exercise.

Music with a strong, clear rhythm is particularly activating and motivating. In addition to the drums, the rhythm can also be reinforced by a bass figure.

A very good example of this is "Best Friend" by Sofie Tukker. The rhythm can be either a slow or a fast rhythm.

Varied music motivates you

It is important that the music is varied: Especially the change between slow and fast rhythms or strong differences between chorus and verse provide an additional push experience.

If you want to convince yourself of this, you can start the chorus at "Where Are Ü now" by Jack Ü listen.

However, two very different consecutive songs can have the same effect. So take care of it"Rockstar" by Post Malone the upbeat song "Smack My Bitch Up" by The Prodigy for the energy boost in the last training set.

The song, which is calm at first, is also motivating "Runnin" (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy.

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