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designed to perform more than two 64-bit or larger floating-point operation results per cycle; or
designed to be more than two Floating point results with a word length of 64 bits or greater per clock cycle,
Alternatively, the singular FLOP (or flop) is used as an abbreviation for "floating-point operation", and a flop count is a count of these operations (e.g. required by a given algorithm or computer program).
To be able to classify the performance: a normal PC with a Pentium 4 processor with a Clock frequency of 3 gigahertz can reach about 6 GFLOPS according to IBM.

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The conditions under which floating-point operations require operating system simulation are specific to a microprocessor implementation.
The conditions under which Floating point operations need simulation by the operating system vary from one microprocessor implementation to the next.
An arithmetic processing unit for executing a floating point operation.
Accelerated validity response permitting early issue of instructions dependent upon outcome of floating point operations.
Accelerated validity confirmation, which means that the result of the Floating point operations dependent instructions.
For comparison: A server without GPU support calculates floating point operations about 200 times slower.
For floating point operation an additional digital signal processor is used.
Peak performance is shown in Floating Point Operations Per Second (FLOPS).
Floating point operations [mathematical calculations using floating point numbers] are carried out in the hardware.
The system of claim 1, wherein said load store unit has a separate load / store data path for floating point operations.
The system of claim 1, wherein the load storage unit has a separate load / store data path for Floating point operations having.
The metric produced is Giga-FLOPS or billions of floating point operations per second.
These instructions include 128-bit SIMD integer arithmetic and 128-bit SIMD double-precision floating-point operations.
Generating sticky bit in floating point operation using parallel two-way propagation of group enables.
Generation of the "sticky bit" in Floating point operation through bidirectional propagation of the group shares.
These subtests measure numerical integer calculations, floating point operations, and rendering of complex images.
In these subtests, integer calculations, Floating point operations and the rendering of complex images is evaluated.
Price per floating-point operations per second (flops), quality, reliability and simplicity were important considerations.
Important criteria here were the price for Floating point operations per second (flops), quality, reliability and easy handling.
Exascale Computing Exascale systems, capable of 1018 floating point operations per seconds, will be available in the near future.
Exascale Computing Exascale systems that run 1018 per second Floating point operations will be available in the near future.
The Alpha family excels in floating point operations, hence its large deployment in the scientific computing and mathematical research fields.
The Alpha family dominates in Floating point operations, which is why it is used quite often in scientific calculations and in mathematical research areas.
The major part of the programming was done in VHDL, but floating point operations have been realized with the help of additional DSPs.
It has a peak computing power of 64 TFLOP / s (floating-point operations per second).
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