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Copper (II) phosphate is a chemical compound from the group of phosphates. It is the copper salt of phosphoric acid.

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In nature, basic variants of copper phosphates occur in the form of the minerals cornetite, pseudomalachite, tagilite and libethenite.

Extraction and presentation

Copper (II) phosphate can be produced by reacting copper (II) oxide, copper (II) hydroxide or copper (II) carbonate[4][5] be made with phosphoric acid.

\ ({\ displaystyle \ mathrm {3 \ CuCO_ {3} +2 \ H_ {3} PO_ {4} \ {\ xrightarrow {\ 70 ^ {o} C \}} \ Cu_ {3} (PO_ {4} ) _ {2} +3 \ H_ {2} O + 3 \ CO_ {2} \ uparrow}} \)

The synthesis from disodium hydrogen phosphate and copper sulfate is also described:[5]

\ ({\ displaystyle \ mathrm {2 \ Na_ {2} HPO_ {4} +3 \ CuSO_ {4} \ \ longrightarrow \ Cu_ {3} (PO_ {4}) _ {2} + Na_ {2} SO_ { 4} +2 \ NaHSO_ {4}}} \)


Copper (II) phosphate is a green-blue and odorless solid that is insoluble in water.[1] It crystallizes as a trihydrate[5] and has a triclinic crystal structure that is isomorphic to that of Stranskiit.[2]

There is also a basic copper orthophosphate: Cu4(OH)2(PO4)2 forms dark green crystals and can be synthetically represented by prolonged exposure to copper phosphate in hot water.[4][5] As an anhydrate it occurs naturally in libethenite, as dihydrate in tagilit.[5]


Copper (II) phosphate is used as a pigment (copper blue).[1]

Individual evidence

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