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Eat intuitively: We'll show you what it's all about

Weighing food and counting macros are yesterday! We'll show you how you can now fully listen to your gut feeling with intuitive food.

What is intuitive eating?

Eat whatever you want - without any annoying rules. That sounds way too good to be true. Intuitive eating refers to a diet that is complete Opposite to dietrepresents. No nutrition plan, no prohibitions & no guilt after eating.

The concept of intuitive eating was introduced in 1995 by the two nutritionists Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. The focus is on the connection between the body and the mind. Intuitive eating means wellbeing instead of a guilty conscience.

Back to basics: You eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full. As a baby, you stop eating when you are full. Often in the course of our lives we forget to listen to this intuition.

Learn to eat intuitively

1. Get used to the diet mentality

Countless studies show this and you actually know it yourself: Diets don't work in the long run. Rather, they lead to weight gain, food cravings, and guilt about failure.

Do you want to feel good in the long term and not just in the next summer? Then say goodbye to zero diets and prohibitions and learn to eat intuitively.

2. Pay attention to your hunger signals

Hunger is not your enemy. It is a Protection mechanism of your body, without which you cannot survive. Learn to listen to your body. Eat when you feel hungry regardless of whether it was 1 hour or 5 hours ago your last meal.

Our tip: Not only a growling stomach is a hunger signal. The signs of your body are above all individual and can also express themselves through increased thoughts about food or fatigue.

3. Don't see food as your enemy

Remove the words "good" and "bad" food from your head. Instead, you eat whatever you want, paying attention to the taste and feel the meal creates after eating.

  1. Did you like it
  2. Did you get sick of it?
  3. How does your body feel after eating?

Ask yourself this question every time after you've eaten: Eating intuitively will be so much easier for you.

4. Challenge the food police

Reject the thoughts in your head that tell you that you should feel good or guilty after a particular meal.

5. Also listen to your satiety signals

Your body gives you signals that you are full. Pay attention to these signals as you eat and ask yourself how full you are already. You haven't finished your plate yet, but you are already full. Then don't force yourself to eat more.

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6. Pay attention to the satisfaction factor

Eating is not just about filling yourself up. If you only eat to fill yourself up, you may not be satisfied in the end. Let the food become a pleasure experience. Listen to yourself and ask yourself if you really like the food.

7. No emotional eating

Joy, anger, sadness. Eating doesn't solve your problems. Release your emotions from eating. It shouldn't be a reward or punishment.

Find alternative strategies to deal with your feelings.

It is not easy to distinguish between hunger and emotional appetite. Not sure if you know the difference? Then find out in our article, whether you are hungry or appetite has.

8. Accept yourself and your body

Love you and your body. You are not defined by your dress size.

9. Exercise

Change the focus. Exercise is not there to burn calories. We do sports to feel good.

10. Health is a top priority

Food should taste good and you should feel good after consuming it. No particular food will make you sick overnight.

Intuitive eating: why are you having a hard time?

"Eat your plate empty, then there will be good weather tomorrow". You have probably heard this saying before.

You eat at certain times of the day, recommended portion sizes and look for the perfect nutrition plan to achieve your goals.

You reward yourself with a mug of ice cream and punish yourself with a leveled supper.

In almost every conceivable situation you are confronted with dietary rules. Whether consciously or unconsciously.

Intuitive eating means moving away from all of these rules. Turn off your head and listen to your body.

Turning off thoughts and reviews around certain foods is a long-term process.

How does intuition fit in with your goals?

Eating intuitively is a long-term process. Eating whatever you want and losing weight sounds contradictory at first. We believe that something more intuition and enjoyment in the nutrition can do everyone good.

Listening to your body's signals more will help you avoid being caught in the spiral of under- and overeating in the future. Food cravings and the yo-yo effect don't stand a chance. Of course, the fact remains that you need a calorie deficit to lose weight.

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That's why we believe that a certain amount of control in your diet is important. We always recommend: Discover healthy alternatives. Enjoy and do something good for your well-being at the same time. So you can treat yourself to cookies, ice cream or cake if you feel like it.

So don't forbid you certain foods. Otherwise, this will move you more away from your goals than it will bring you closer to them. To your Feel-good body Well-being and fun in life are always part of it.

You will notice over time that you will intuitively prefer the healthier alternative. Eating intuitively will then no longer be difficult.

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Our conclusion

  • Eating intuitively doesn't mean you have a guilty conscience or rules
  • eat intuitively and forget about any diet from now on
  • if you feel like having ice cream for breakfast, treat yourself to that too
  • the fewer bans the better
  • your diet will level out naturally over the long term
  • never forget to enjoy your food
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