What do you think twice about it

Yuck: After these pictures you think twice about whether you let your child play with bathing ducks

Our minis love their bath toys - especially the rubber animals that swim so nicely in the water. The toys are also a blessing for mums and dads, because they keep the kiddies entertained. However, caution is urgently required with most rubber toys!

Children's toys or moldy death trap? That's how drastically a dad announces his experiment on his YouTube channel: What does the inside of a standard rubber duck look like? When your father cuts open the toy, you almost get up. The inside of the duck is full of mold.

How fast Rubber toys We have known since the Sophie La Girafe fiasco. The rubber things BECOME start to get moldy when submerged underwater. But that's exactly what it is fun with bathing ducks! If you still want to let your kids play with bath ducks, make sure they do this regularly to exchange. You can also use a Hot glue gun stick up. Or you bet on toys with them explicitexpelled is that no water collects in it, as is the case with Hevea KAWAN bath duck made of natural rubber.