Do you think i'm ugly

Language areas 2, German for the AHS upper level, textbook

125 one is just being killed. How cowardly is that! […] Nevertheless, I will continue to work on your happiness, even if you don't want it. It's hard, and sometimes it seems mean to you. And how often does everything collapse again, then it is time to start again. And no one helps. But I will create your happiness, I will. [...] ANTIGONE mumbles: Luck ... KREON somewhat embarrassed: A poor word, isn't it? ANTIGONE: What will my happiness be? What kind of happy woman should little Antigone become? What meanings will I have to commit day after day in order to wrest a little bit of happiness from life with my teeth? Tell me, who am I going to lie to, who will smile falsely and who will I have to sell to? […] KREON: You don't know what you're saying. Be quiet! ANTIGONE: Oh yes, I know very well - but you no longer understand me. I am too far away from you, my voice speaks from a world that is forever closed to you with your worry lines, with your wisdom and your fat belly. […] KREON shakes her: Are you quiet now! ANTIGONE: Hit me, come on, hit me, Creon. You can't do anything else. Hit me cause you know I'm right Do you think I can't tell by your eyes that you know? You know all too well that I am right, but you will never admit it - because now you are defending your happiness like a dog his bone. KREON: And yours with it, you fool. ANTIGONE: You are all disgusting to me with your happiness and your outlook on life. You are mean! Like dogs that droolingly lick what they find on their way. A modest everyday happiness and just don't be too demanding! I, I want everything, instantly and completely - or I don't want anything. I cannot be humble and content myself with a little bit that is given to me because I have been so good. I want to be certain that it will be as beautiful as my childhood was - or I would rather die. KREON: Shut up! You should see how ugly you are when you scream like that. ANTIGONE: Yes - I'm ugly. You find it common, my screaming, my startling, this loud argument, don't you? [...] I just need to look at you all with your poor heads - you lucky candidates! You are ugly, even the most beautiful of you! You all have something mean in your eyes and around the corners of your mouth - and heads like fat cooks. KREON twists her arm: I order you to be silent, do you understand? [...] The anteroom is full of people - they can hear you! ANTIGONE: Open the doors - open the doors - let them hear me! KREON tries to cover her mouth: Do you want to be quiet now, for God's sake? ANTIGONE defends itself: Hurry, call your guards. […] KREON suddenly yells: Watch! Take them away! ANTIGONE cries out in relief: At last, Creon! The guards seize them and lead them away. […] KREON is left alone. THE SPEAKER enters and walks up to him: You are insane, Creon! What have you done? KREON looks straight ahead: She had to die. Literary education Text competence 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 116 118 120 Capture speech and counter-speech in the drama and recognize the turning point Which of the two apparently initiated the conversation? What was the purpose of this? What situation are the characters in right now? What is the topic of your conversation? What is the goal of the people? Does your goal change during the conversation? What parts of the conversation do the people have in each case? In what way do they speak to each other (form of address, tone of voice, emotion, objectivity ...)? Please also note the author's stage directions in italics! Do these forms of speech change in the course of the conversation? How do the people act in the course of the conversation: ask, threaten, ask, report, complain, explain, order ... Are you listening to each other? Do the two people understand each other? If not, what are the reasons? Where do you go from the factual level to the relational level? Do the people achieve their goal at the end of the conversation? What is the result of the conversation? Has the relationship between the characters, the mutual assessment, their plans and projects changed? Briefly summarize the arguments with which both people justify their action! To what extent can this conversation be assessed as a clear periphery to the catastrophe? 10.2 For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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