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AVG Antivirus

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Security 9.60

Excellent virus detection, improved performance

As did the security programs of the competition AVG Antivirus the investigations by independent IT security laboratories. The results of AV test, AV Comparatives and AV Bulletin certify the software's excellent results in virus detection and defense against malware and adware.

In terms of scan speed and false alarm rate, it lags AVG the competition, however, a little behind. The front runners Bitdefender Antivirus and Kaspersky Anti-Virus in particular have the lead here.

Users can also manually check portable storage media with their antivirus software. This curbs one of the greatest sources of danger for the spread of viruses, because infections via USB sticks are one of the most common causes of a virus attack on the PC (in addition to visiting infected websites).

The best antivirus programs in comparison

CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs are also screened for dangerous stowaways.

AVG Protection FREEAVG Internet SecurityAVG Protection PRO
Link protection
Remote protection
File shredder
Online Shield
Data safe
Email protection
At a glance - the feature list of the AVG products

Community self-protection

Information about new threats spreads very quickly through the cloud.

Also AVG relies on active support from the cloud in the new antivirus version. With the help of this function, so-called zero-day malware (i.e. previously unknown, new threats) should be better combated and contained.

Provides a AVGSoftware detects a potential threat, a threat message is sent to the operating software via the cloud. The number of infected computers is thus contained - at least among users of the same security software.

Poor anti-phishing methodology

The anti-phishing method of the antivirus program from AVG differs from the usual procedure. Instead of preventing a malicious page from loading, it just prevents full rendering and a warning message appears.

With this approach works AVG Antivirus even more inefficient than the built-in protection mechanisms of Firefox and Chrome.

AVG Online Shield

Online Shield technology prevents PC users from unknowingly downloading dangerous programs and applications. Even before the download, the protective shield checks the files and determines that they are harmless.

If a download or a link turns out to be dangerous, it will be blocked without further ado. It is very gratifying that incoming files via cloud services and instant messaging applications such as ICQ, MSN or Yahoo! are checked for their integrity.

Guaranteed in this way AVG Both private users and companies, who are involved in a lively exchange of information on a daily basis, the security of incoming content.

Identity Protection

Identity theft goes far beyond mere tracking of surfing activities on the net and is used by hackers to use the personal data of their victims for their own purposes.

For example, to place other people's orders in online shops or simply to publish compromising statements in social networks under false names and to damage the reputation of the stolen person.

The Identity Protection feature protects against exploits, i.e. possible weak points in the user's system that hackers can use to gain access to sensitive data such as Passwords, Bank details and Credit card numbers to spy on the hard drive.

Unlike many of the competing products, the feature does not check the signature of potentially dangerous software to identify whether it is malware, but rather analyzes its behavior.

If an application has suspicious activity that indicates an exploit, its actions are blocked.

In order to avoid unnecessary complications of the program with known, trustworthy applications, users can adapt the Identity Protection feature with their own rules.

Email scanner

An enormous amount of computer viruses is sent all over the world via e-mail every day. It is enough for the recipient to click on the attachment of an infected e-mail carelessly to enable a Trojan horse to access the computer.

Such fraudulent e-mails can often be quickly identified as fakes, as they are usually written in very dubious German or are allegedly written on behalf of service providers with whom the user is not even registered.

But some emails are so deceptively real and falsified in terms of design and content that many users place their trust in the letter and open attachments or call up linked websites. At this point, it is usually too late without effective virus protection.

Serious companies would never ask their customers to follow the links in unsolicited emails or even to enter sensitive data there.

Anyone who suddenly receives messages, for example urging them to enter personal data in order to restore the customer account via a security query, can be sure that they are dealing with a popular attempt at fraud and delete the email directly.

The email scanner in AVG Antivirusx-rayed all attachments of incoming and outgoing electronic mail. The protection can not only be integrated into e-mail programs as a plug-in, but also supports the Internet protocol services POP3, SMTP and IMAP, so that e-mail clients can always securely receive messages.

Data safe

With the help of this tool, users can set up a dedicated memory on the hard drive to store particularly sensitive data. Users can freely determine the size of this memory partition.

As in a real safe, the content is protected from unauthorized access by a password, and 256-bit AES encryption also protects the added data from unauthorized access.

While the user is setting his password, the antivirus evaluates the Quality of this key, but proves its own quality standards - the widespread and uncertain "Password 1“Seriously evaluates the data safe as strong.

Customers should rather rely on their own creativity. Really secure passwords do not even consist of a word and a few digits, but rather of uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and special characters - ideally in the form of a long, meaningless sequence. Striking mnemonics, of which you simply use the first letters, are an ideal donkey bridge.

Once the safe itself has been set up and given a secure password, it can be used like a standard hard disk drive and also on other PCs AVG-Software are transferred.

File shredder

If files are moved to the desktop recycle bin in the usual way and permanently deleted there, they can nonetheless still be reconstructed. The Delete function Windows only removes certain pieces of information from the files, so that they only appear to have been deleted in the operating system.

This can become a serious problem if PC users think they are safe because the deleted data can no longer be found by themselves, while it is still hidden on the hard drive. The File shredder securely deletes this data so that it cannot be recovered, intentionally or accidentally.

Both unwanted, compromising and directly dangerous files are irrevocably destroyed. It is important that the files are not actually deleted and then disappear completely without a trace. The Shredder-Function instead overwrites them many times with random bit information, making them completely illegible.

However, this option is not available for locked files, USB drives, flash drives, memory cards, network drives, RAID-enabled systems and SCSI drives.

Plug-ins for the browser

Site Safety

This function shows the user security ratings for visited websites and thus helps him to see at a glance which search results he can call up risk-free after inquiries. The pop-ups of an optional toolbar warn of unsafe and malicious websites being accessed. A green symbol stands for safe sites, while an orange and a red symbol indicate insufficiently secured or even clearly dangerous web domains. So far, the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers are from the toolbar from the house AVG supported.

Browser Cleaner

When visiting websites on the Internet, users leave their very own, traceable traces everywhere. This happens via so-called Cookies.

This information is collected via the user's browser (the "Clients") Saved on his computer. Cookies are generated on the one hand by JavaScript applications in the websites, on the other hand they are sent by web servers to the browser used.

If the client visits the respective page again at a later point in time, it automatically sends the stored information back to you, which means that the page quasi "recognizes“.

In this way, it is possible for the operators to display personalized advertising to regular visitors. This can definitely have its advantages, as surfing is simplified if users do not have to log in each time to get access to certain pages.

However, some cookies can endanger the privacy of the user. The browser cleaner deletes these cookies and also wipes out any other traces left on the Internet. However, the tool only works with the browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer.

These already have a built-in Anti-tracking functions, but the browser cleaner takes over the deletion of unwanted traces from a central administration interface, while users sometimes have to laboriously find the correct settings for the no-tracking commands in the browsers.

A guardian for the WiFi

If the computer tries to access an unknown WLAN, it fails AVG Antivirus immediate alarm. In this way, the danger posed by infected WLAN access points can be significantly minimized.

Performance 10.00

Good security software is primarily characterized by the fact that security is not achieved at the expense of performance. AVG this year comes with a modified scan engine, the main features of which are to be briefly presented.

Turbo scan

AVG's Turboscan is based on the storage order of data sets on the hard disk. Accordingly, the intelligent scan sequence achieves far shorter times for scanning processes.

Smart scanner

In addition, an intelligent scan sequence relieves the system. Accordingly, automatic searches are only started when the computer is in an inactivity phase.

As soon as this is interrupted, the scanning process is given the lowest priority. On top of that, files that have already been scanned and classified save the scanning time.

System utilization

The values ​​determined by the test institutes with regard to the resource requirements of real-time and system scans are in the optimal range. While the real-time scanner uses a maximum of one percent of the available CPU and 22 megabytes of the main memory, these values ​​swell to 40 percent and 45 megabytes in the course of a full system check.

The frequent but irregular update processes of the security software also lead to no impairment of the operating system.

System requirementsPcMac
operating systemWindows XP to 8From OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
Hard disk space1500 megabytes500 megabytes
processorat least 1.5 gigahertz or fasterIntel Core2Duo
random access memory512 megabytes of RAM2 gigabytes of RAM
System requirements PC and Mac

Service 9.60

The user interface of the anti-virus program from the house AVGTechnologies was not significantly redesigned this year. The interface is strongly based on the look of Windows 10, which at the same time greatly simplifies use on touch-enabled devices.

The user receives information about the current status of the software and the computer on the start page. Five large buttons in the typical black and green design characterize the software's start screen:

  • computer
  • Web
  • identity
  • Firewall
  • Emails

As long as the circles around the control elements glow green, the software works safely and without problems. However, if their color changes to orange or even red, there are more serious problems in the system that should be corrected immediately.

The Menu sub-pages are - typical for the vast majority of virus protection programs - designed to be much smaller and less stylish.

The pages with the advanced settings for the respective superordinate functions shine through simple, functional lists. The sub-items are in turn divided into drop-down menus, where the user can make all fine adjustments according to personal taste.

However, the functions of the firewall are only available after purchasing the more expensive Security Suite.

Due to the very good factory settings, manual modifications are not absolutely necessary - an advantage for inexperienced users. Nevertheless, the program offers experienced users easy access to options in submenus.

Unfortunately, the accompanying explanatory texts are often too small or a little confusing.

Rest in full screen mode

The security software from AVG a so-called game mode. This function automatically detects when an application is running in full screen mode and suppresses disruptive processes and messages from the antivirus software.

In this way, for example, updates and automatic scanning processes are suspended for the corresponding period of time so that the user is not thrown into the parade with pop-up messages while playing games or watching films or hindering their work with resource-intensive updates.

Would you like a little more security?

The modular structure of the program allows the customer to add additional antivirus packages when ordering.

So get buyers with the AVG performance Pro-Feature a tune-up tool that helps, for example, to accelerate the start-up of the computer, to extend the battery life of notebooks or to clear unnecessary junk data from the hard drive additional storage potential to expose.

Mac and Android devices also benefit from this function and, above all, get more storage space with Performance Pro. In addition, buyers of their order can have a backup DVD for easy offline reinstallations of the AVG-Add products.

And apply with the Express Install option AVG-Technicians can install, set up and optimize the software for the customer via remote access - a recommendation for everyone who is still inexperienced and wants to be on the safe side when dealing with such important programs as antivirus software.

Help & Support9.40

If German users visit the company's website, they may be irritated by one or the other Spelling and line errors on the product pages. The web pages, which are localized for German customers, give the impression in places of having been knitted with a hot needle.

With a security provider, for whom care and accuracy are the essential foundations of success, this initially scares off potential customers. Last but not least, a carefully structured and designed website is already part of customer support.

Fortunately, the real ones AVG-Products have a significantly higher quality than the somewhat bumpy presentation.

AVG-Technologies provides a wide range of support options. For example, manuals, help and tips can already be accessed via the software.

The help pages are divided into areas for AVG-Partners, business customers and private customers. From these areas, the support offer branches out further across the respective product and topic worlds.

It takes a few more clicks to get to the actual FAQ pages of AVG to advance.

However, these are very detailed; Each menu item provides pleasantly detailed instructions on how customers should best proceed in the event of problems such as a virus attack or conflicts with other programs.

Contacting obstacles

The direct contact to the service staff is somewhat unusual AVG. There is no single service telephone number.

If the listed solutions do not help or if more specific problem cases are not even listed, users looking for advice will find the links to technical and sales support directly under the FAQ.

Behind this are contact forms in which customers enter their request, including their email address and name. Only then do the actual communication channels open up via e-mail, chat and telephone.

Please note: Depending on which product and at what time the customers want to ask questions, certain communication channels may not be available.

Emergency support at any time

Who has not been a customer of AVG and - regardless of the presence or absence of virus protection - suspects having caught an infection, the Dutch company offers the free software as a first step AVG Protection FREE to download.

According to the manufacturer, this program removes the virus or malware and then protects the computer from new infections.

However, if the program is unable to remove the threat, it will send AVG his emergency support team into the race. The technicians are available all day every day of the week. If necessary, they set up a remote connection to the customer's computer and carry out the repair measures by remote control.

In addition, they set up the virus protection optimally for the customer in order to prevent new infections. Rescue from afar has its price, however. The emergency support offer costs just under 70 euros for those seeking help.

At least granted AVG give users a Refund warranty: If the technicians cannot remove the infection, the customer will receive a full refund of their money. Also in the event that users want to try to save their PC first AVG to be fair enough.

On its support page, the provider has compiled a list of special (free) security and rescue tools that are, however, explicitly recommended for use by experienced users. The emergency start medium can also help in the event of a virus attack. However, this must be done before an infection.

Users help users in the forum

Users who speak English can also use the forum, the AVG Support Community, To find help. The forum is clearly structured according to topics such as Android Products or Viruses & Threats orderly and is used very actively. Hardly a question remains unanswered. They also take care of that AVG-Employees who actively participate in the discussions.

Try it out

AVG emphasizes on the company website the great importance of customer satisfaction to the company. The manufacturer advises those interested in the Antivirus 2016 to try the free version of the program first to make sure that it meets their security and usability requirements.

If buyers are still not satisfied because they doubt the effectiveness of the virus protection, offer them AVG a 30-day right of return. In this case, the manufacturer waives annoying inquiries about the reason for the complaint and pays the purchase price back.

If this reflection period has already passed, the company will no longer reimburse the amount, but the buyer will be happy with the technical support to set up the program optimally.

Summary 9.70

All in all, it is AVG Antivirus a rock-solid antivirus program with useful functions in terms of resource utilization. The interface on the start screen is designed to be very clear and practical.

The submenus, which are divided into less appealing lists, are less aesthetically pleasing, but are more interesting for professionals anyway and are designed for efficiency.

AVG upgrades the in-house antivirus program with some additional features that can otherwise only be found in more expensive security suites. With the help of Data Safe Encryption files and documents can be easily encrypted and protected against unauthorized access with a password. At the same time, a file shredder enables data records to be removed without leaving any residue.

A certain negative point remain the general Scan speed as well as the False positive rate. Here, competing products usually have the edge on the antivirus market. AVG Antivirus thus offers very good all-round protection for private customers and families.