How big is a 6-alarm fire

Volunteer fire brigade Markt Eschlkam

Alert level 1

Small fire

(Car fire, lawn fire, garbage can fire, suspicious smoke development)

The local fire brigade's own strength is usually sufficient to deal with a small fire. In any case, a fire brigade with a water-carrying vehicle and self-contained breathing apparatus must always be planned.

Alert level 2

Medium fire

(Room fire, several burning cars, truck fire, fire at garbage dump, building fire, rail vehicle fire, small forest fire)

The forces of one train (two to three groups) are usually sufficient to deal with a medium fire. In this alarm level, a fire engine with at least 1200 liters of water must also be provided. Self-contained breathing apparatus is required. In any case, at least 1 set of hydraulic rescue equipment is required, in places with high buildings (from 3rd floor) a turntable ladder may be necessary.

Alert level 3

Major fire

(Tank truck fire, tank farm fire, fire of large objects, industrial companies and agricultural properties, large forest fires, objects in which extinguishing water is required over long hose routes)

In order to cope with a major fire, at least the forces of the alarm level are requirede 2 as well as two additional fire engines (2 TLF, 2 LF, 1 RW, possibly DL, SW).

Alert level 4


(Lane contamination, traffic obstruction, water damage, animal rescue, fallen trees, loose components, storm damage, very small oil spill)

The local fire brigade's own resources are usually sufficient for simple technical assistance. If no additional load THL (= technical assistance) is carried on their vehicle, it may be advisable to assign an additional vehicle, if possible a fire fighting group vehicle, with additional load THL.

Alert level 5

THL medium

(Accident with trapped person, construction accident, small oil accident)

For medium-level technical assistance (with rescuing people), the forces of a train are usually sufficient, consisting of an emergency vehicle, a tank fire engine and a fire fighting group vehicle with an additional THL load. In any case, however, two sets of hydraulic rescue equipment must be provided.

Alert level 6


(Mass accident, bus accident, ship accident, train accident, explosion, house collapse, plane crash)

For this alarm level, at least the forces according to alarm level 5 as well as two additional trains (1 RW, 2 TLF, 2 LF with additional load THL, possibly DL) must be assigned. At least 1 RW2 should be planned.

Alert level 7

Hazardous goods accident

(Chemical accident, major oil accident, tank truck accident, tank truck fire, gas, harmful, water-polluting and radioactive substances)

For this alarm level, forces with the following equipment must be provided: 1 equipment trolley for dangerous goods, 1 TLF with P250, fire fighting vehicle, rescue vehicle with additional oil or ÖSA loading, mobile oil separators, oil barriers, special equipment for accidents with radioactive substances.