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Senior beds with electrical height adjustment.The new generation of senior beds has many options to make it easier for senior citizens to get up. Easily adjust height adjustment electrically. Older people usually have problems getting up, but not with our beds and the back section can even be raised electrically. In this way you achieve a sitting position which helps to stabilize the circulation. Of course, the foot section is also electrically controlled. Everything is operated at 24 volts, which ensures greater safety. If one day the care needs to be taken, it can easily be upgraded with a lifting pole with a triangle or something similar. Today a senior bed, tomorrow a full care bed. This is how a senior bed is a joy. Buy beds that think ahead at Pflegebetten-24.

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Senior bed relax
Senior bed Relax the convertible bed! The senior citizen's bed Relax is a cozy bed with various slatted frames. With an electric height adjustment on request
Electrically height adjustable without rollers
Westfalia IV care bed
Westfalia IV care bed impresses with its particularly robust construction. The Westfalia IV has electrical height adjustment, as does head and foot adjustment
low entry electrically height-adjustable
Dali Deluxe care bed
Care bed with bluetooth? Of course - Dali Deluxe from Burmeier This is how we know the Dali care bed: As a robust, long-lasting solution with a safe 185 kg workload that also makes it a care bed for users who are overweight.
electrically height adjustable
Dali care bed with soft cover
Washable, safe, extra cozy! Committed to high hygiene standards, Burmeier developed the Dali Wash care bed! Different color choices possible.
electrically height adjustable
Westfalia Klassik care bed with handle bar
Westfalia Klassik care bed is a reliable bed. The Westfalia Klassik care bed with height adjustment from 35-80 cm. Stand-up aid !.
low entrance electrically height adjustable
from 1,379.00 € *
Inovia care bed
Seniors - Inovia care bed from Burmeier with a maximum of resilience and stability. Buy the Inovia care bed cheaply!
particularly resilient low entry height adjustable electrically Hidden castors
from 1,699.00 € *
Bed system Lippe slatted frame 120 cm
Electric adjustable bed / slatted frame 'Lippe 120' is a bed system 120 x 200 cm wide from Burmeier for installation in an existing bed.
from 1,856.00 € *
Regia EasySwitch care bed, wood, ...
Regia care bed by Burmeier ✔️ particularly resilient ✔️ hidden castors ✔️ low entry ✔️electrically height-adjustable ✔️ wood decors
particularly resilient without castors low entry electrically height adjustable Hidden castors
Regia EasySwitch care bed, fabric cover, ...
The Burmeier Regia EasySwitch care bed in easy-care fabric, in red, green or orange. Covered all around with hard-wearing fabric, it looks just like a normal bed. The user can also use the integrated electrical ...
particularly resilient without castors low entry electrically height adjustable Hidden castors
Regia EasySwitch care bed, synthetic leather, ...
Burmeier care bed, Regia Easy Switch senior bed in synthetic leather, height-adjustable and low bed are available in either anthracite or white. Experience the Regia modular care bed in a homely design for your home. Whether in a ...
particularly resilient without castors low entry electrically height adjustable Hidden castors
Inovia care bed with split bed side rails
The Inovia care bed with the divided bed side rail is pure functionality. The Inovia care bed from Burmeier.
particularly resilient low entry height adjustable electrically Hidden castors
from 2,199.00 € *
Lippe Burmeier bed system 140 cm
Heavy-duty insert frame 'Lippe 140 cm', the bed system from Burmeier for installation in an existing bed. Electric height-adjustable slatted frame.
particularly resilient without castors, electrically height adjustable
starting from 2.235,91 € *

If you have sleep problems in old age, it is advisable to switch to a more comfortable bed. Senior beds are a popular bed variant that not only promises a particularly peaceful sleep, but also makes getting in and out of the bed easier. Noble care beds, which are often used as senior beds, are particularly helpful here. There are now numerous senior beds on the market that are supposed to fulfill these functions, but can hardly be overlooked. Here you will find out what you should pay attention to when choosing the right senior bed and what is important when buying a senior bed. We clarify your uncertainties and give you a brief overview of the options for a senior citizen's bed as well as helpful instructions for your purchase decision

This article will answer the following questions:

  • What are the characteristics of a senior citizen's bed?
  • When is a senior citizen's bed needed?
  • How high should a senior citizen's bed be?
  • Where can I find senior beds?
  • How expensive are the beds?
  • Which accessories do you need?

We explain to you what is important when it comes to a senior bed, how to find the right senior bed for your bedroom and give you helpful tips for a successful purchase along the way. Read everything about:

  1. The advantages of a senior bed
  2. The different dimensions of the beds
  3. The many options for designs and materials
  4. Tips & tricks for choosing a bed
  5. Cheap purchase & fast delivery
  6. Construction & assembly of the bed
  7. Proper care of the new bed

Comfortable support: these are the advantages of a senior citizen's bed