What is this unknown condition called PATM

German dictionary by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm (¹DWB)

the plural spirits of life are based on an older medical conception: since it was previously impossible to penetrate the economy of the invisible, the unknown mechanics were tried to be explained by the known and the nerve was viewed as a channel through which an extremely fine, volatile and effective fluidum was found leads, which is supposed to surpass ether and electrical matter in speed and fineness, and has regarded this as the principle of sensitivity and mobility, and has therefore given it the name of the spirits of life. Schiller689; since the 17th century. very often encountered: (one who was close to death tells) the spirits hours in the doors of their apartments and now said good night, that I had no understanding or meaning. political stockf.185; the wine strengthens the spirits of life. ButschkyPatm. 199;

oh, she said, heaven's love

takes with a sweet shoot

my spirits one.

Chr. Sage cl. people 356;

the forces themselves, whereby they (the soul) of its (the body) master,

does not recognize their weakness,

the ever-lively spirits,

are as good as unknown to her.

Brockes 3, 655;

the wise creator now knew how to prevent the misery (the agony of death) with us

through illnesses that generally show up before our death,

whereby our spirits are exhausted, slowly lose themselves,

as the sources of our feeling through which we actually only feel.

9, 602;

the state he is in now drives all his spirits into indignation. Ms. Müller2, 135; then the violent spasm of violent jealousy suddenly blocked the course of his spirits and his ideas. Göthe18, 214; This time he only needed a few hours of sleep; his spirits were excited early on. 22, 37; when wine and conviviality raised the spirits. 26, 313; at this sad occupation my spirits sank .. now i have got myself up again. Niebuhrleb. 3, 255; he was sure to be drunk again, but his feverish fear had alarmed his spirits and for the moment canceled the effect of the brandy. Freytagsoll u. Haben2, 340;

just your cold grusz hits you at first glance

down all spirits.

Wieland 18, 208;

when his strength almost wants to leave him,

calls the escaped spirits

Amandens picture back.

23, 62 (Oberon 7, 99).