What is the purpose of oracle forms

What exactly is an oracle?

What exactly is a " oracle "? Wikipedia says that an oracle is a" Black box "is, but I'm not sure what that means.

For example, in the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm,, is the oracle just the field labeled or is it everything between the measurement and the inputs (including the Hadamard gate)?

'' Uf ",

And to give the oracle, I have to write Uf in matrix form or in condensed form: Uf gives y → y⊕ f (x) and x → x is sufficient for the definition of an oracle?


An oracle (at least in this context) is simply an operation that has some property that you don't know and want to find out. The term "black box" is used synonymously to convey the idea that it's just a box that you can't see and therefore don't know what it's doing. They just know that you can provide inputs and receive outputs. The circuit diagram you are showing is only about the field. Everything else is things you add to consult the oracle and discover its properties

To give the oracle, you can write it in any valid form that defines a map of all possible inputs to outputs. This could be a matrix (presumably with an unknown parameter) or the map (strictly speaking), since the other can be calculated for both descriptions: U: (x, y) ↦ (x, y⊕ f (x)) ∀ x, y∈ {0, 1}

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