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Brett Kavanaugh

Donald Trump and the Abortion Controversy: Flexible Posture

In the United States, several states want to rigorously ban abortion, they break the prevailing law out of calculation. Donald Trump offers them an opportunity to do so. A race for the toughest abortion law has broken out in the United States. Three states ... more

Trump and the Kavanaugh Case: The Consequences for America

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Reactions to the Kavanaugh election: "An American tragedy"

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Alcohol excesses? Ex-college friend incriminates Brett Kavanaugh

Donald Trump's candidate judge, Brett Kavanaugh, understated his youth alcohol consumption, an ex-classmate claims. This could shed new light on the abuse allegations made. A former college friend gave the controversial ... more

Trump's Man: Why the Brett Kavanaugh Case Matters

Several women accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Republicans are pushing for a vote. Why would his appeal to the Supreme Court be so momentous? Questions and answers. Yesterday, Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh said for hours ... more

Trump's most important statements at the UN press conference in New York

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Brett Kavanaugh denies abuse allegations

After the alleged abuse victim Ford speaks Kavanaugh: The judge candidate firmly rejects the allegations against him. President Trump continues to stand by him. In a hearing before the US Senate, Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh ... more

Brett Kavanaugh: New allegations against Trump's judge candidates

The allegation of sexual assault on a professor weighs heavily: Trump's judge candidate should testify to the US Senate. But now another woman is going public. Another woman accuses Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh ... more