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Be happy through self-love

If I have had grief in the past, be it because of men or friends, then I was allowed to listen to myself over and over again: “As long as you don't love yourself, how can someone else love you?” You can only be happy if you are satisfied with yourself. How much I always hated those statements back then. What could I do if things didn't work out the way I imagined in the male world or if I was disappointed by a friend again. How should I change something about it myself and what did that have to do with my attitude?

Being happy always starts with yourself

Today I know that there is something to these sentences. It is up to us how we affect others and how others notice what we are focusing on. Being happy is a choice. We are often looking for someone to take us by the hand and show us the way to happiness. This can be a friend or a partner. Or we are looking for short-term happiness in the form of vacations, parties, or other things that make us feel lucky in the short term. But the most important thing is that we find our own happiness. We have to know what makes us happy and for that we have to deal with the subject of self-love. Most of the time, the things that make us happy don't depend on other people. Sure, everything is nicer when you can share it with someone. But if you have a hobby, a passion, a goal and your own path, then this one makes you happy. And: if you are satisfied with yourself. Self-love is a very important step to generally feeling happier. When someone follows your path - wonderful. But you shouldn't wait for someone to come and take your hand and say, "Come on, I'll make you happy now."

Self-love: How do I manage to love myself?

Self-love is a process and starts with self-acceptance. Accept yourself for who you are. Do not look for mistakes, but make yourself aware of what you have already achieved, what you like about yourself and what others admire about you again and again. EVERYONE has something that makes them special and everyone has things that they would like to change. But if we learn to accept one another and even to love one another at some point, that is the first step to happiness.

Exercise: Stand in front of the mirror every morning. Instead of paying attention to the fact that you have gained 2-3 kg or are not yet perfectly tanned, as usual, pay attention to what you like about yourself. And tell yourself, even if you don't believe it yourself at the beginning: I am beautiful. Over time you internalize this thinking and you really always find yourself beautiful. The next step goes beyond the purely visual. Then ask yourself the question: What did I do well today? What were my success stories today? You will see that you develop more self-love every day.

Those who love themselves also radiate that

When you are at peace with yourself and know your own worth, you do not shine anything else. Do not you think? It is so. Have you not already noticed that when one thing suddenly works, everything runs like clockwork, especially in interpersonal relationships? You yourself also notice whether your counterpart is satisfied with his life or whether he is going through life rather sadly. Or related to love again: Do you know that you mourn after a relationship and just don't seem to want to open up anything new. You wonder why love just doesn't work out for you. But as soon as you let go of the old and are free again, new doors open. Suddenly you appear different and freer because you radiate exactly what you feel. This will make you look more interesting again to the opposite sex. Positive attracts positive.

 You are the maker of your own happiness

We are always waiting for something to happen in our life. I wasn't an exception for a long time. We are waiting for our friends to finally get in touch more often and for us to do something more often. We wait for the boss to recognize our talent or for us to finally find the person we love. But these are things that we cannot influence. Do we really want to make ourselves dependent on it? And do we really want to make our happiness dependent on a certain person, be it a friend, partner or business partner? Isn't it a much better and safer feeling when we take our luck into our own hands? When we're looking for ways to be happy without needing anyone else? If something is to change in life, then first and foremost WE have to change!

Clearly. It is always an enrichment to have great people by your side and without these people it would not work. But people cannot be influenced or planned. But you can influence your life yourself and build your own dreams and goals without you needing another person. When others support you: great! But don't wait for others to change something for you. You should be happy with yourself - you have to be the change.

How do you learn to be happy with yourself?

You cannot learn to be happy. You have to feel it. Self love takes time. You have to focus on the things you can and not the things you can't. You have to see what goes well in life and not what goes wrong. Every night before going to bed, remind yourself of the positive experiences of the day. So you automatically focus on being happy. Do things that are good for you. Avoid things that harm you. You seem to notice that your self-love is growing because you know more and more what defines you and what makes you happy. Others cannot make you happy. You can only do that yourself.

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