What if Itachi Uchiha never existed

Chapter 39: Return

Sasuke started talking and Itachi stood by Hana and took her hand. Your proximity gives him strength.
Enough strength to get through this.
He never thought that one day the truth would come out ...
He never wanted it that way.
Until now.
The black-haired man had always planned to take the truth with him to the grave ... for his brother, for Konoha.
But Sasuke already knows the story and maybe it is time the village learned the truth ... the whole Truth.
So there is no longer any reason for Itachi to lie.
And yet he's nervous.
A lot...
He had made many mistakes in his life and yet never regretted anything ...
Because it was the right decisions for him to protect his brother.
First all eyes rest on his brother, but shortly after he has finished, they move on to him.
Itachi can read the shinobi's eyes like a book.
Bewildered ...
Only Kakashi's gaze is unfathomable.
"... is that true?" asks the gray-haired man calmly.
Itachi nods.
"Every word..."
"What is your proof?" Asks the copy ninja.
Something like that does not exist...
There never was ...
"If Sasuke forgives his brother, isn't that proof enough !?", Hana speaks out loud.
The Uchiha is more than grateful that she is so committed to him ...
What would he do without her?
Kakashi closes his eyes thoughtfully, then pulls his headband down over the Sharingan.
"Itachi Uchiha. You will come with us and tell your story of the Hokage. The decision is up to her," says Kakashi.
Sasuke seems scared.
"You're coming too!" Calls Naruto and points to the young Uchiha.
"Hn ..." comes the answer with a slight smile.
Naruto grins broadly and Sakura seems somehow relieved.

The Hokage?
You should decide on Itachi?
But what if she has him locked up? Or worse ...
Itachi puts his warm hand on Hana's head while the other still holds hers tightly.
"Don't worry. She'll know what to do," Itachi says calmly.
"I'll come with you.", He then speaks to Kakashi.
He nods briefly.
Three days...
Then a decision would be made ...

The journey is uneventful. Naruto keeps talking to Sasuke, who apparently enjoys being with his team again.
Which of course he would never admit!
Karin is very quiet and watches the Konoha Shinobi suspiciously. But she behaves.
This is the last night.
They would reach the village by noon tomorrow. Itachi sits by the campfire and watches intently as the hot flames fight against the falling snow.
It's unbelievable how not even a year could change his whole life.
How Hana could change it.
The girl is sitting next to him and has her head on his shoulder. Again and again her eyes close and she yawns softly. Soon she would be completely asleep, just like the others.
Opposite, only Kakashi sits and watches the Uchiha closely.
Is he still afraid that Itachi would run away?
Or maybe all murdered in their sleep?
Well ... a year ago he would probably have done that too.
But not anymore.
The Uchiha swore one thing: if the Hokage could forgive him, he would give up fighting.
He would lead a normal life by Hana's side. Enjoy every day as he comes and love her forever.
The girl sighs contentedly against his body and Itachi covers her a little with his coat.
She is now sound asleep.
Itachi has to grin.
She is so cute when she sleeps.
"Why are you smiling? You know that there is no guarantee that you will continue to live ..." Kakashi whispers softly so as not to wake anyone.
The Uchiha nods and looks over at the gray-haired man.
"I know. And yet I've never been so happy. The truth is out, whether you or someone else believes me is no longer in my power."
"Tell me, Itachi ... why did you kill the Yamamoto clan?"
The clan ...
These bandits ...
Itachi strokes Hana gently on the head.
"Those criminals ... bandits without hearts or minds. The only thing they wanted was money and power. They killed Hana's family ... just for a good reputation ... They deserved it no other way."

Around noon the next day they reach Konoha-Gakure as planned.
The guards at the gate of the village open their eyes in shock when they discover the strange team.
Word quickly gets around the whole village who has just walked through the gate.
The Uchiha brothers have returned ...