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It is one of those particularly breathless days when it becomes clear in the evening what you have not been able to do. The lists are getting longer and longer, the end of the working day is far too fast. And bang: there it is, this miserable harmful stress that shortens attention spans and makes sleep more restless. And yes, I know the body is well prepared for stressful situations, but constant stress is not good for it. Not a hundred percent.

Taking care of my health on my own responsibility, I create islands of relaxation: regular exercise, for example, a little meditation (but that's very difficult, either I break off or I fall asleep) and here and there also pleasant things - such as massages, for example. Because: if you are under stress, your muscles are also tense.

Once Indian

And why not try Ayurveda for once? A new center has opened on the Wiener Ring. It's only a stone's throw away from the editorial office, and the starter package includes a detailed consultation.

Romana Muth, the operator of the new Ayurveda hotspot, has almost 20 years of experience with stressed people and their resulting condition. At first glance, it has to offer a lot of peace and quiet. A detailed survey begins with a cup of tea, in which Romana Muth scans many aspects of everyday life. Family circumstances, eating habits, general condition. Anyone who is overweight can, for example, be accompanied here when losing weight.

For all those who just want to relax, there are the famous oil massages. And they are actually different than anything else that you are used to with massage. Even the massage table is different: a plastic-covered, very flat tub on which I stretch out. A lot of warm oil then runs along the nerve tracts, and Muth's hands massage it in with circular movements. It slips and makes funny noises - but at some point the mind gives up and the sensory level takes over.

Off to the warmth

The sense of time is lost, and millions and millions of nerve endings in the skin are apparently so busy that the head can switch off. The only problem: the lack of warmth, because, in contrast to India, warmth was quite rare in our latitudes, especially this spring.

Oiled up like a sardine, Romana Muth asks him to finally take a seat in a box. A kind of mini sauna from which only the head can be seen. "The heat detoxifies," says Muth and leaves the room for ten minutes. With a view of the Stubenring, you start to sweat a lot.

Now, of course, I know that strict medical professionals howl reflexively at the word "detox", but to call stress poison would be wrong. Oil, massage and heat at least kill my tiredness, I actually forget what was so arduous during the day. Inwardly completely calm and with the resolution to eat more warm things than before, I leave the Ayurveda practice. Aside from the inner calm, the skin also feels fantastic. (Karin Pollack, May 28, 2017)

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