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Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)

I hope this topic will not be deleted again immediately, I am a big Emma watson-hermine granger fan, and I think it's good that there are so many fans here, I have seen that several forums here had to be closed because they were used as a chat!
I ask you, please write longer and meaningful posts in here, otherwise it has to be closed again, it would be a shame ...

The newest:
like last year, emma watson was awarded the prize for best actress at the gondenen otto raffle.
so now have fun writing ...
lg tigerboy :)
16.05.2007 14:19
We'll leave it open .. If it goes wrong again, we'll close the thread again immediately ...
hello switch
Thank you very much, I am glad that you give us another chance to have a better forum: D: D: D
I agree that it will be closed again if some can not behave ...
Emma watson is cool ^^
i love her i think it's greatiq
that she has been awarded
hat from very good actress: - *
16.05.2007 19:28
emma is toll; D; D; D; D
16.05.2007 20:25
emma is super talented and really sexy keep it up 8-) 8-) 8-)
if you first read the book and then watch the film you realize she is the perfect cast for this role !!!!! ; D 8-)
17.05.2007 17:34
Nice to look at, really nice ... she also plays well ... but I think she is grossly overrated ... she is not that STAR for me ...
23.05.2007 21:42
A big MERCI to Tigerboy and also to the hit parade team
Every time I visited this page I thought that I could reopen the theme like the last one, but I didn't because it would probably be closed anyway and now this ... sooo cool :) :) :)

Ema is the most beautiful and best actress in the world. I wonder how bare my room would be without the EMMA poster, just Weis.

Emma I Love you so much: - *: - *: - *

thanks again to tigerboy. I don't know how long I could have lasted without Emma Forum.
Please please be welcome, I hope it will last a long time ...; D;)
24.05.2007 18:59
I hope that too.

hey, what do you think of the fact that Harry Potter is premiering first in Tokyo and not in England. I think that's a bit off, because the film is set in England and so ...: - X: -X
Hello $ andro
Yes, I think it's for nothing, the ad plays in europe and tokyo ??? ... well, completely wrong ...
Aso lg;)
25.05.2007 17:28
Emma Watson is so cool. On the Emma Watson Empire page it says that you can chat with emmawatson but only with one appointment. So then I asked her where she lives and she also gave me her house number. but I can't say that either: '(but you can go there yourself and ask.
25.05.2007 18:51
cool that you can now also chat via Emma Watson Empire, I have to try it right away. It's been a long time since I chatted with her on Skype. Now have fun searching for information ... Emma your GREAT
02.06.2007 00:07
Oh, those are lies so that you sign up there. Which side makes appointments to chat with emma watson. is it
bullshit this site has no contact with em> :(> :(. and there is a 1000 percent probability that your address will never be revealed to you while chatting. i put my hand in the fire. some can tell me a lot, i already have a lot read my uncle knew who and who had contact with her blah blah blah. Have you ever heard of the stalker who chased emma? the poor is now completely afraid, she can't even walk the streets in peace
07.06.2007 17:29
08.06.2007 12:01
I think Ema is pretty. But why doesn't she come to Germany, even though she lives in Europe too, right? .Please write back.

many greetings to emma $$$$
08.06.2007 12:12

can you tell me how you can chat with emma in this emma watson empire.

please write back is important.

thx: '(:' (: P
08.06.2007 22:10
HEY nothing there, Emma is coming to Switzerland, not Germany> :(
what does she want there ??? ???
no shit;) really, I don't want the forum to be closed again because of me. : - [

Emma came to me please then i LOVE you so much ....
09.06.2007 13:03

Just write me. I want emma to come to Germany. That’s completely unfair and it’s no matter what. : -X: -X; D; D
09.06.2007 13:06
$ andro

I just mean. Everyone wants to see Amlemma personally. That's not mean. well write back. > :(: - [: -X ???
09.06.2007 13:06
$ andro

I just mean. Everyone wants to see Amlemma personally. That's not mean. well write back. > :(: - [: -X ???
09.06.2007 20:38
hey i was just kidding;)

10.06.2007 19:26
$ andro is okay. ; D; D
25.06.2007 20:34
Yes, but the post is very old, I haven't heard anything newer so far, this is (I very much hope) probably just a teenage love that only lasted a few weeks. : - [: - /: '(:' (;)
25.06.2007 20:42
emma looks embarrassing, not a bit sexy
02.07.2007 16:03
hey guys what do you think of Umbridge in the new movie
I imagined her to be completely different, I really had to laugh straight ahead when I saw the trailer for the first time; D; D: D: D But Emma looks stunningly beautiful again, you don't think.
03.07.2007 20:09
Emma is sooo pretty :) I would like to look like her too: :) I love Harry Potter: - *
04.07.2007 23:16
Hey people, I think Emma Watson is just the size I think she is so charming and beautiful and her way of coming across I think she just looks very good, she has a wonderful charisma and I myself would also wish that she would come to Germany one day but unfortunately it will definitely never happen really a shame well people can write ne;) and if ONE or ONE wants to talk to me privately, I have Icq 338949711
05.07.2007 20:28
it looks ... extremely boring when my opinion is asked 8-)
06.07.2007 22:07
hey guys can someone tell me if you can overfill a folder on the pc with pictures, all pictures don't fit in one folder for me, now i had to do a 2, but that is not so practical. ;)
Thank you for your answer, see you soon $ andro
@ $ andro
Honestly, I can not imagine that...
I once copied all the pictures (from Ferrari to Emma pictures;)) to a folder on my PC -> had no problems, although there were 5400 pictures.
07.07.2007 11:01
my folder was somehow full with 353 Emma pictures but we shouldn't chat there ok I'll try it if there is still something to do.
Emma your so great; D; D; D
07.07.2007 12:05
ummm yes.
and where should she be now, i mean, i always thought men like women with full lips and feminine features.
ok lol MEN
08.07.2007 18:17
10.07.2007 12:47
Hey guys, I have a pre-premiere ticket for the new Harry Potter movie that starts tomorrow afternoon. That will be great for sure, I'm already really looking forward to it

Emma is sure to shine again in her role.
PS: Does anyone know why only Cho Chang and the Weasley twins came to the premiere in Zurich, I would have loved to see Emma in Switzerland. ; D; D; D
10.07.2007 17:47
Emma Watson is a good actress, she is very effective
Sympathetic, nice and natural, the role of Hermione
I like Granger a lot and she is very cute.
I saw the special on RTL on Sunday and I'm looking forward to it
me on Harry Potter 4 the preview is really great.
I also have to say that the young actor Rupert Grint
and Daniel Radcliffe are also very sympathetic.
10.07.2007 22:07
Hey everyone together, I'd be happy if mia ma can help someone to get the icq numma from emma, they won't annoy you either =););)
10.07.2007 22:30
sorry but i don't think she has icq or whatever that is,: - / i caught her once on skype, try there, you probably have the better chance;) and don't forget, hope dies last. ; D
11.07.2007 22:01
$ andro is right aba how is the skype address of dea? would be really cool if u would give me the gift :)
11.07.2007 22:18
sorry but it's on my brother's pc and he's crazy at the moment, i would be happy myself if i still had it. sry

Hey the new Harry Potter movie is great, I went to see the preview today. Emma is amazing again.
The film is actually quite well done, of course there are a few ambiguities here and there, but that has always been the case until now. I would simply recommend that you have read the book beforehand, because it is actually only excerpts from the book that you, as a non-Harry Potter fan, do not notice or do not fully notice the context. But see for yourself, I really liked it, also because of Emma; D; D; D; D; D; D; D; D
11.07.2007 22:30
So I'm going to the film tomorrow I'm curious I've even read the book ^^ aba wie kansch find the skype address of dea? how did you do that ???
11.07.2007 23:19
I tried everything possible and waited again and again until she was online, of course I wrote to her immediately and I have to say, she is very nice and gives a lot of information;) I can see if I can somehow catch the adi
11.07.2007 23:27
Would be really cool you can report my icq numma is 291-135-588 and my msn addy is
[email protected] fallsu one dea two programs has ^^;)
oh ... that's not her anyway ...

Don't think that she will go online under her real name ... Otherwise she will have thousands of people who want to write to her ...
12.07.2007 00:06
it wasn't exactly her name either. I know most of you will say to yourself anyway, oh stop it, she wasn't and so, but I asked you a few things that clarified that and it was Emma: -X
what did you ask?

It has to be something that you read somewhere ... So someone else could have read that too and then you’re right there

But if you ask something to which you don't know the answer, the other person can of course say anything and you are right there ...
12.07.2007 11:11
I also find that unbelievable, almost stupid ..
but everyone should pretend what they want * g *
12.07.2007 11:21
but if it was she then of course I'm happy for you!
what did you ask?
12.07.2007 20:49
I saw the film today too, thought it was really great :)
13.07.2007 14:23
Well, I can only be right, the film is really great, as is Emma Watson / Hermione Granger.
If you're really big Emma fans, then take a look
www.emmamania.de over.
It's a great site with very nice people
13.07.2007 18:09
so i think it is so sweet and i was at the primjehre in england because it was even sweeter what i think sucks is that many people believe to create some kind of stupid pictures and put them on the internet some pictures are really per ..... and if you take a closer look at them you see that they are not real and if you write to the people who say that they are real anyway, i have e-mailed emma and wait for an answer hope that if you notice any the url send my e-mail add is

[email protected]

but otherwise i often find the pictures successful
I'm already looking forward to the next film and the festival where she's also going!
see you soon
14.07.2007 20:34
@ Vissit how do you mean the hassu dea to the private email address of dea oda to some manager?
15.07.2007 02:36
@Vissit ...
Be honest, do you want or do you really have the email ..
if so, I can get it, but only if it is really original, doesn't want a fake or ...
it is 2.35 i'm looking for pictures or emails from her, just find them awesome ^^

but I saw that she has no email, but I don't know ...

well hope you get it !!

15.07.2007 21:30
Damn this woman is pretty: - *: - *: o: o; D; D: D: D;);) :)
So I asked you a few things that probably everyone who knows you as well as I could have answered, like a few things about the new book that was just out at the time and, as far as I know, you can read it early and we also have other things Chatting around a bit and all that, and believe me it was Emma. : - *: - *
i think that she has an e-mail address, because think about it in this age ...
16.07.2007 20:16
so hello first want to apologize because I opened a forum have net known that there is a win forum again and I agree with andro right I also think that she has one because in principle she is a completely normal person where her friends also go oda doesn't want to write e-mails
Emma is now the new face of Chanel
16.07.2007 21:38
16.07.2007 21:43
Chanel is a fashion group ...
16.07.2007 22:22
ok yes i found it on the internet. now Emma comes on TV; D; D; D
17.07.2007 08:16
So let's say it so I have the original I maail address but you can't pass it on soon I'll also have your ICQ so what many say that you have the right one believes that not always many are your own and just kidding but I have the IP back followed and where did she come from herne I think emma doesn't live in herne or
17.07.2007 12:09
I go in anyway because I want that ... photos of her to be deleted and so I ask and maybe people send me who don't like that either, a few url links and I take care that they disappear
17.07.2007 13:15
I think Emma is a good actress !! : D
and it also looks really good!
that's my opinion! ^^

17.07.2007 13:27
17.07.2007 13:32
17.07.2007 17:16
I think it fits! She is pretty and talented! What more could you ask for? ;)
18.07.2007 01:56
I think she's a good actress and she fits the role of Hermione perfectly.
I also think they're totally cute;)

Can someone who might know how to contact you tell me how?
And does she have a boyfriend?
18.07.2007 08:06
I would give it up in your place
I tried it for a damn long time but never had any luck: '(:' (
I'm looking forward to it when she comes to Germany, I hope I can go to a city so that I can talk to her, that would be enough for me
when I ask her I think she says no anyway: '(:' (: '(
18.07.2007 10:51
she wants to undress in front of the camera not kissing in bravo oda I read something like that, believe me, that's really the case ... that was when I went to the market then I went to the magazines and suddenly it said: emma Wodsen : kiss NO undress Okay ... I swear to you ...
18.07.2007 13:06
Have you ever thought about whether it has ICQ ??? : D

18.07.2007 21:00
Emma's opinion of how her husband should be:

He must be able to make me laugh. And I have to be able to be who I am in his presence. Confidence is attractive, arrogance is not at all. I have to be able to talk to him really well. This is very important. He mustn't bore me. It has to be original. An interesting person from whom I can learn something.

WELT ONLINE: That's a long list.

Emma: Isn't that terrible? Perhaps I am too demanding and I certainly put men under pressure. And if I make the list a little shorter, the likelihood of finding a man will be greater.

$ andro: here I am, hello, come and get me, I'm waiting;);); D; D
19.07.2007 09:05
you don't like me anyway and everyone here: '(:' (
I would even jump out of the window for you (1st floor)
but how big is the probability ok i might get your ICQ bal i hope but otherwise you can bend it
19.07.2007 12:53
I also jump out of the window (1st floor) like that (parkour), but no matter, that was also meant ironically, you understand. Where do you get your ICQ from;)

Sorry but what's that supposed to delete the entries ??? ??? ??? ??? : -X
20.07.2007 22:00
hello I asked something
does he show himself pt naked ??
Did you hear that Hermione is supposed to die for Ron in the last book, that would be a shame, and besides that, hagrit and voldemort are dying too, a hacker published that on the internet, has anyone already read the book or knows whether Hermione is really dying?
lg :)
21.07.2007 18:31
lool jumping out of the 1st floor is not an art, I was already down and I was (almost) unharmed, hehe ^^ was probably just luck

So I think emma is really good and so, she embodies her role perfectly, but contact ... that looks hopeless :( (honestly, I try to contact Evanna Lynch through her, but she would also be with her beautiful; D)
21.07.2007 20:58
can someone get me the icq numma from emma?
will never annoy you, too, I swear;)
Does this have to be discussed here? If you know what's going on in the book, keep it to yourself ...
I think it would be a shame if I read the "solution" of the book here ... why should I read the book then?
22.07.2007 10:22
You're right, killer, you should open a new threat for that, and those who can't let go of it should discuss it there.
I would love to hear the end here, so: -X please
@killer 89
I mean, after all, this is about Hermione!
if i take a look Hermione dies for ron a shame ...: '(
22.07.2007 13:57
Would like to know how to chat with her on emmaempire; D; D; D; D; D: P
22.07.2007 14:26
you can't chat with her that's silly ... she has millions of fans all over the world and certainly has more important things to do than writing with each one of them ..

Oh people you probably never get it ..: :) Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!

hope the comment won't be deleted because that's annoying ...> :(
22.07.2007 14:32
You're right: - [. Heard that she has a boyfriend, but don't remember when I read that or if that's true ???
22.07.2007 14:36
yes, but you will get over it, just look for a girlfriend with whom you have real chances ... you will definitely find a prettier one than this emma !!!
22.07.2007 14:44
possibly, but you can still dream or not?
22.07.2007 15:00
22.07.2007 15:06
maybe someone knows when the 7th HP book will be out in German
22.07.2007 20:41
can the people who have already written you a letter tell me what they wrote and what EMMA replied to it? ; D
22.07.2007 20:53
I've written letters to pretty much all actors, but nobody thinks of answering (either I'm doing something wrong, or I'm just unlucky :()
22.07.2007 20:57
what is the reason? ???
@ Beta Destruction
what did you write about
22.07.2007 21:25
@ cleminator around October but check the internet for sure. Hey did you buy the book in English, it's awesome, I won't tell you anything; D; D; D it is quite easy to read. This damn last page, I couldn't leave it but ... but read for yourself or wait until it appears in German. sorry i have to go read BB now
23.07.2007 00:05
I first introduced myself briefly (big fan from Germany, old man, etc. ^^), wrote congratulations, etc., then asked a few questions (you can write what interests you) and finally I asked for an autograph and an answer asked, thanked me in advance and that was the most important thing;)

did it help you? ^^

In any case, I still hope for an answer, I mean, 3 - 4 weeks is still in the frame, considering that now after the 5th film is out you will probably sink into fan mail again: D
Of course this is about Hermione, so it clearly belongs here. However, I would find it a little shame if I read the book in the fall and know before I have even started reading that Hermione is going to die.

But yes, everyone should write what they can not leave behind ...
23.07.2007 09:26
Hey finally the forum is back in full swing and everything is going peacefully to and fro * happy * THANK YOU keep it up! ;); D 8-)
23.07.2007 10:24
@ Beta Destruction
Thanks, it helped me a lot. hope you get a letter back; D
23.07.2007 12:26
Thanks ^^

Yeah, and who suggested the forum so nicely? ; D; D; D
(nobody says that I am my xD)