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20 actors who are totally unpopular

Some stars or well-known actors are not particularly popular. This is the ranking of totally unpopular actors:

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Sometimes we are bitterly disappointed in our popular actors and actresses when we meet them in real life. Because then some of them are no longer as cool as we imagined them to be. The golden sheen has then waned and they are "only human" like you and me. That's fine too! But you don't have to become unfriendly to us fans when we ask you for an autograph, do you? These 20 stars are totally unpopular:

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# 20 Jonah Hill

The star from "Superbad" and "21 Jump Street" is very likeable on screen, but apparently not in real life: Reports of disappointed fans keep surfacing who met the actor on the street and asked for an autograph. but were processed with a business card. Is that how you treat people who are jointly responsible for your own success?

# 19 Lindsay Lohan

The definition of a ruined image: Lindsay Lohan. It owes its unpopularity today to its numerous drug and alcohol escapades.

But the singer and actress seems to be working on her bad image, because in 2018 an Instagram video caused a sensation! It showed a suspected homeless family, from which Lohan invited the children to live with him. According to focus.de, however, the parents did not agree, whereupon Lohan is said to have dropped out and was insulting - the change in image probably didn't quite work out Lindsay!

# 18 Sean Penn

Although the native Californian amazes again and again with his ingenious acting skills, he is not exactly popular with the people. There are actually good reasons for this. Not only is he supposed to be a rather "difficult" colleague and working with him a real challenge, the fact that he has hit his wife several times also takes a blow to his popularity - pun intended.

Penn could be credited with founding the JP / HRO aid organization.

# 17 Jennifer Lopez

The singer, who also proves her talent as an actor from time to time, is actually 51 years old. Although she always comes across as very personable in interviews, rumors still circulate that Jenny is pretty aloof. Diva-like behavior in hotels included.

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# 16 Kristen Stewart

Since "Twilight", many fans can't stand her anymore, which maybe has to do with the constant iron expression on her face. Then she cheated on her boyfriend and teen crush at the time, Robert Pattinson, and she was through with (almost) everyone below.

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# 15 Justin Bieber

From cute teen star to one of the most hated Hollywood stars! While he was with Selena Gomez at the time, he is said to have forbidden his male friends from seeing her. And now, after the breakup, he is to blame for their bad mental state. No wonder the singer has become quite unpopular.

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# 14 LeAnn Rimes

Actually, the singer is Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian. She is married to Eddi Cibrian. The actor was previously married to Brandi Glanville, with whom LeAnn Rimes publicly argued for a while. No wonder, because when Eddi Cibrian was still married to Brandi Glanville, he is said to have already had a relationship with LeAnn Rimes, according to Promiflash.

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# 13 Jesse Gregory James

He was married to actress Sandra Bullock. But then he drew the hatred of Hollywood when he cheated on her. Incidentally, that was his third marriage. By the way, he cheated on Bullock with the tattoo model Michelle McGhee! James is now dating Alexis DeJoria.

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# 12 Chris Brown

We always thought the rapper was okay, but since he beat his girlfriend Rihanna so badly in 2009 that she had to be taken to the hospital, he's been rather unpopular with us.

# 11 Katherine Heigl

With "Grey's Anatomy" the actress lands a great success and gained popularity. However, that did not last long, because Katherine left the series after only a few seasons with quite a bit of noise. The reason for this: She is supposed to be an absolute bitch and you can hardly work with her.

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# 10 John Travolta

John Travolta is just a little awkward when you watch him like that: It doesn't matter whether he is caressing the chin of Idina Menzel, his co-presenter for the 'Best Song' category at the Oscars, or she is also 'Adele Dazeem'. (Who is that supposed to be ?!), he really isn't a social talent. To make matters worse, there is his Scientology background, which does not necessarily give him a better reputation.

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# 9 Hayden Christensen

Maybe it's because fans hate the 'Star Wars' prequels in which he plays Anakin Skywalker or the fact that he says next to nothing about his flagship personal life, but Christensen definitely isn't that Fan favorite in Hollywood. Moderate performance and moderately interesting private life result in moderate popularity.

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# 8 Charlie Sheen

The star from "Two and a Half Men" has always been a bit of a bully and that was precisely what ultimately became his undoing: If the fans still loved his style at the beginning, he simply allowed himself too many blatant escapades over time, and that too led to the fact that no serious producer wanted to work with him anymore. The actor is just unpopular.

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# 7 Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is an American actor and designer. At times he also tried his hand at being a rapper and model. Almost 10.8 million followers on Instagram follow his everyday life. But as an actor he has not yet really been able to assert himself. Critics say that his famous father, Will Smith, alone gives him the coveted roles. For example the role in the film "Striving for Happiness", in which he plays a father-son team side by side with his father. Film fans are also annoyed by its omnipresence.

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# 6 Shia LaBeouf

The 32-year-old actor and performance artist has become famous through films like "Transformers", "Disturbia" and "Indiana Jones" and the "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". Time and again, a great career was predicted for him. But in recent years the actor has not shone with new major film projects, but with negative headlines. The fans are annoyed!

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# 5 Adam Sandler

The actor's popularity has steadily declined in recent years. He's not exactly known for appealing to a huge audience. His gags are immature and do not create loud fits of laughter in the audience. One film is the same as another. But why does Adam Sandler keep making countless films? The actor has now felt more haters than fans.

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# 4 Hulk Hogan

Probably the most famous wrestler in the world made it to the podium. The actor and reality TV contestant was the most famous and successful wrestler in the 1980s. The 2-meter-long man tried to prove his acting skills in films such as "Mr. Babysitter" (1993), "Agent 00 - With the license to laugh away" (1996) and "Santa Claus with Muckies". But now a radio interview has surfaced on the Internet. In 2012, Hogan "came out" on the radio station Sirius XM as a racist. Many of his loyal fans are shaken and turn away from the wrestler.

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# 3 Alec Baldwin

Our next most unpopular actor champion is Alec Baldwin. The actor and voice actor has had a tremendous career, but now his loyal fans are turning away. The reason for this is a phone call with his daughter. According to n-tv.de, the eleven-year-old (!) Girl is insulted by him as a "mean, thoughtless little pig". According to media reports, the Hollywood actor is now going to a court to examine how this phone call came to the public. On his website, the actor apologized.

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# 2 Taylor Momsen

Most probably know the blonde from the series "Gossip Girl" as a crazy and talented Jenny. But since she was kicked out of the series and she's on the road as a singer, she seems to be rather unpopular with the fans.

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# 1 Anne Hathaway

Most of you know the famous actress from the movie "The Devil Wears Prada", long ago. But the brunette is rather unpopular with the fans, as she is perceived by many as boring and unsympathetic. But especially since she won the Oscar in 2013.