What makes an elite content strategist

Content skillfully

In this practical handbook, content marketing experts report on experiences, learning curves and success factors - easy to understand, stimulating and illustrated with current case studies.

It has always been the case that the customer is king, but in the past it was rarely followed in marketing. Companies used the communication channels to present themselves and often did not pay attention to whether their customers were interested in them at all. This model no longer works in the age of excess information. Marketing with a reverse thrust is now necessary - push becomes pull communication. In order to be relevant and successful, content must be sought, found and valued by potential customers and an action must be triggered that is conducive to the company's goal. This places completely new demands on the organization of marketing work and the orchestration of communication. The job is becoming more demanding in terms of content and structure. At the same time, corporate management requires a new understanding of what marketing communication contributes to corporate success and what internal consequences follow from it.

from the content

  • How content marketing is seen - by customers and in the company
  • What requirements content marketing needs
  • How content marketing reaches consumers
  • How content marketing is created - in B2C and B2B
  • What content marketing formats exist
  • Which distribution channels content marketing uses
  • How to measure the ROI of content marketing
  • Practical examples - this is how it works

The Publisher

As a board member of an internationally renowned communications agency and chairman of the BVDW focus group on content marketing, Matthias Wesselmann has a profound knowledge of the global marketing landscape.