How long has tonsillitis existed?

Tonsillitis (tonsillitis)

Doctors usually prescribe a tonsillitis Medication like ibuprofen or paracetamol. The active ingredients lower the fever and relieve pain.

If the bacterial infection is severe, your doctor may also advise you antibiotic give. This shortens the duration of the illness and usually prevents complications. In most cases, however, treatment without antibiotics is possible. The drug has no effect on viral infections.

The doctor usually treats recurrent tonsillitis with painkillers or antibiotics. Only when there are frequent, severe complaints is one surgery makes sense. The surgeon removes the tonsils.

Doctors now perform almond operations less often than in the past. The Guideline Today: If a person affected had more than six tonsillitis in the past twelve months, doctors suggest surgery.

Before the procedure you should Risks and Benefitsweighed become. This is because side effects such as secondary bleeding can also occur during an operation. As a compromise, surgeons often shrink the tonsils rather than removing them entirely. According to studies, children with recurring, severe tonsillitis benefit from tonsil surgery. There is not enough evidence for adults.

There is also no evidence that homeopathy can relieve tonsillitis. Scientists advise against taking globules.