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The Hogwarts Boarding School of Witchcraft and Wizardry teaches the following subjects:

Compulsory subjects (from the 1st school year)

  • Astronomy: There, stars are observed using telescopes and their positions are entered on maps.
  • Broom flying lessons: The basics of broom flying are taught there. (ends after a few weeks).
  • History of Magic: There you learn how the magical world developed and which historical processes and processes were significant.
  • Herbalism: There you learn to recognize and grow magical plants.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts There you learn to defend yourself against malicious magical threats and attacks using suitable spells and curses
    (During the 1997/98 school year this subject was replaced by lessons in black magic).
  • Metamorphosis: There you learn to enchant objects or living beings with the magic wand and a spell in such a way that they change their shape or state of being.
  • Magic: There you learn to enchant objects or living beings with a magic wand and a spell so that they behave differently than usual.
  • Magic potions (school subject): There, pupils are introduced to the art of brewing magic potions and learn recipes, ingredients and special features of making magic potions using practical examples.

Elective subjects (from the 3rd school year)

  • Ancient runes: There the meanings and effects of the ancient Germanic characters associated with magic are learned.
  • Arithmetic: There numerical mysticism is learned and number-based interpretations are calculated.
  • Muggle Studies: This is where the behavior and techniques of the non-magical population are studied
    (During the 1997/98 school year, Muggle Studies became a compulsory and propaganda subject).
  • Care of magical creatures: There magical beings are presented and explained practically or theoretically.
  • Fortune telling: There different techniques of clairvoyance such as tea leaf reading, dream interpretation, star interpretation and crystal ball reading are shown and practiced.

Subjects of the final year

In the ZAG intermediate examination at the end of the 5th grade, examinations are taken in all compulsory and elective subjects that have been taken up to now. Only those who have received the exam mark determined by the teacher for these exams are admitted to further lessons in these subjects. Which of these subjects the trainees want to deepen in the two upper classes depends on their individual decision.

In the last two school years, if there is enough demand, further electives will be offered. These are among others:

  • Apparatus course: On a voluntary basis, sixth graders can take part in a twelve-week Apparatus course, which prepares them for the apparation test required by the ministry.
  • Alchemy

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