Is the TV show The Crown controversial

Netflix series "The Crown" : Who has turned the clock?

Anyone who has just started to watch “The Crown” these days and works well in chronological order, season after season, episode after episode, has to be brave. On the one hand, of course, there has been a discussion in England for weeks about the truth claims and fictional content of the series, hung on the fourth season with Lady Di and Prince Charles.

But of course it takes a while to look through the seasons, after all, series are extremely time-consuming. Also means: danger of spoilers!

On the other hand, the blow that the series makers took at the beginning of the third season is an extremely brutal one: the staff has been completely replaced.

Claire Foy no longer plays the queen, but Olivia Colman, Vanessa Kirby is no longer Princess Margaret, but Helena Bonham Carter, Matt Smith is no longer Prince Philip, but Tobias Menzies, and so on, up to the most unimportant courtier.

Burghart Klaußner quickly skipped 20 or 30 years

After spending almost twenty hours with the same actors and actresses, it takes getting used to looking into a face that, for example in the case of the queen, looks completely different: doughier, bigger-eyed, visibly older.

The move that is being made is of course understandable. The decades leave their mark on the members of the royal family, no different in reality than in fiction.

But none of this seems really coherent: in 1963 Claire Foy is still the Queen and appalled by Kennedy's murder. And a year later, you see Olivia Colman promising her prime minister to invite Lyndon B. Johnson on the hunt? What does “The Crown” do over time? How laxly does this series deal with the essence of time? Let the Queen age by a decade within a year?

Colman was born in 1974, Foy in 1984. Especially since it was not a problem elsewhere to let Burghart Klaußner skip two, if not three decades: Klaußner is the teacher of Prince Philip as well as Charles, and has not aged very much.

How dangerous is "The Crown" for the Queen

A lot of the time is turned in “The Crown”. Which is why the debate about the fourth season seems rather lame.

More fiction than with the exchange of actors is hardly possible, reality really doesn't stand a chance. What's more interesting is that the series itself has become part of reality. Right from the start, “The Crown” addresses the dangers facing the monarchy that could lead to its abolition.

On a nice meta level, “The Crown” itself poses a threat to the royal family. Too much openness, too many glimpses behind the scenes, no matter how fictional, have never been good for a monarchy.

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