Who owns a common driveway

The common driveway of the neighbors

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We bought a house last year. From the street there is a driveway to our house, half in front of the house of our "direct" neighbors, whose house we drive past, is a "shared driveway" & lpar; If the term is correct & rpar ;. With our "other" neighbors, one entrance further, it also looks like this, one house at the back and one at the front with a shared entrance.

With the "other" neighbors, it looks like the one in front, whose house is at the common entrance, is not particularly pleasant to deal with, as we were told and we are now slowly noticing.

It is about the following: We want to let a gardener with a small excavator in their driveway from behind into our garden, because thanks to the garage it is not possible to get through to our garden. Can the front neighbor prevent the excavator or even a container from & lpar; that would be a long way off & rpar; drives over the common driveway? It's not about blocking the common entrance, just driving through it. And of course not with vehicles where it can be seen from the outset that the driveway or fences or buildings will be damaged. A mini excavator.

How does it look? Is it enough if the neighbors in the back, who own half of the driveway, give her okay to drive through? What do you have to consider?

Of course, we try to settle everything peacefully and not provoke unnecessary arguments, but on the other hand we don't want to do without such easing of work, because the neighbor takes a stand on principle.

Have I written too much now or can I still understand it? : - & rpar;

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