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How can I cancel and switch?

Termination of car insurance

You can always cancel your car insurance at the end of the contract. The notice period is one full month. Most contracts end on December 31st at the end of the year. If this applies to your contract, the letter of termination must be received by the motor insurer by November 30th at the latest.

In two cases, you can also terminate the contract using the special right of termination:

  1. Premium increase
  2. Accident / damage

The notice period of one month also applies here. In addition, the specific reason for the termination must be stated.

Change of car insurance

You can switch to another motor vehicle insurer after your current policy has expired, after a premium increase or after a claim settled by the insurer. If you change your vehicle, you are free to choose your vehicle insurer. When terminating the current motor vehicle insurance, you only need to observe the notice period of 1 month.

Changing vehicle insurance via CHECK24 is very easy: Simply enter the requested data on the vehicle, policyholder, group of drivers and scope of insurance in the input mask. Then you will immediately receive individual tariffs tailored to your needs. Now compare and choose the offer that convinces you in terms of price AND performance.

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Change of owner

The change of owner is in fact a new registration of a used car. It must be done at the vehicle registration office responsible for your place of residence.

There you have to submit the following documents:

  • Identity card or passport including registration certificate
  • Registration certificate part I and part II
  • Proof of existing motor vehicle liability for this vehicle by means of an eVB number
  • completed direct debit authorization for vehicle tax
  • previous license plates
  • For cars older than 3 years: valid HU test report

What do I need for admission?

Car registration

Registering a car costs around 27 euros in fees (plus license plate if required). For an additional 10.20 euros you can choose a combination of license plates. You can only register a car at the registration office responsible for your place of residence.

To do this, the car must be roadworthy. This is automatically the case with new vehicles. For used cars that are more than 3 years old, you need a valid general inspection (HU) as proof.

When registering, you must also have the following documents ready:

  • Identity card or passport with confirmation of registration
  • Proof of insurance cover for the car (eVB number)
  • Registration certificate part II, for used vehicles also part I
  • SEPA mandate to collect vehicle tax

Auto logout

When deregistering a car, you must provide the following documents:

  • Identity card or passport with confirmation of registration from the holder
  • Mark
  • Registration certificate part I and II

eVB number received

You will receive the eVB number if you take out motor vehicle liability insurance for the car in question. When applying, please state the exact vehicle type.

The eVB number will be sent to you via email or SMS immediately after the contract has been concluded via CHECK24.

What does motor vehicle liability insurance cover?

Motor vehicle liability applies if others are harmed by your vehicle.

After a damage, the motor vehicle liability insurance covers the costs at least up to an amount of:

Type of damage amount
Personal injury 7.5 million euros
Property damage 1.12 million euros
Financial loss 50,000 euros

What do partially and fully comprehensive insurance cover?

You need partial or fully comprehensive insurance for damage to your own car. Comprehensive insurance is voluntary; CHECK24 generally recommends taking out partial comprehensive insurance (TK). A fully comprehensive insurance (VK) is recommended for new and expensive used cars.

Basic protection (always included)Extended coverage (depending on the tariff)