How is music made in 2019

The year 2019 is drawing to a close, the reviews and previews are slowly pattering on humanity. Thanks to data octopus, Spotify users can now review their very personal music year 2019, the website makes it possible. From December 5, 2019, Spotify users will be able to find out their most frequently streamed artists, songs, most popular music genres and podcasts in their personal annual review.

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If you register on the website with your Spotify login data, if it goes like last year, you can first take a small quiz in which you have to guess your most popular artist, song and most popular genre, then there is a general one Evaluation of your own user behavior. The favorite artists and a list of the songs that the user has most frequently selected on Spotify are then displayed. For this purpose, the saved data is evaluated in order to display the genre, etc. that is being listened to most. The evaluation takes place in the web browser, before you have to log in with your login data or via a linked Facebook account. As a bonus, there is also the evaluation of podcasts and a personalized playlist that should recommend songs for 2020.

This is what Germany heard in 2019:

In this country, hip-hop remains the most streamed genre among Spotify listeners this year as well. In the overall ranking of the most streamed artists, Capital Bra is in first place, rappers Samra and RAF Camora are in second and third place. With CB6, Capital Bra is also at the top of the top albums of the year. In the category of the most streamed artists, Billie Eilish, Loredana and Ariana Grande secure the three top positions.

Among the most streamed songs, “Roller” by Apache 207 takes first place, second place goes to “Missing” Juju feat. Henning May, followed by "Dance Monkey" by Tones and I in 3rd place.


The Spotify podcast catalog grew strongly worldwide in the streaming year 2019. There are over 500,000 podcasts worldwide on Spotify, 12,000 of them in German. The Spotify Exclusive Podcasts "Mixed Hack" and "Fest & Fluffy" occupy 3rd and 4th place of the world's most streamed podcasts. Number 1 is “The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal”, followed by “My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark”.

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In Germany, “Mixed Hack” by Felix Lobrecht and Tommi Schmitt came in first, followed by “Fest & Flauschig” with Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz in second and the true crime podcast “Verbrechen” in third.

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