How should LGBT be treated

Discrimination - Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender People

There are many definitions of discrimination that vary in detail. It is a matter of unequal treatment for which there is no objective justification. Discrimination can be understood as any form of disadvantage, neglect, exclusion or unequal treatment of individual people or groups on the basis of characteristics that are attributed to them or that are irrelevant in a certain context.

Forms and effects

Different types of discrimination can be distinguished, which also have different effects. more

Discrimination in numbers

In 2020, 140,000 people in all EU member states as well as the candidate countries North Macedonia and Serbia were surveyed for a study on the subject of hate crime / discrimination against LGBT people. more

Homophobia, heterosexism and heteronormativity

Homophobia is often defined as an irrational fear of homosexual people and their way of life that is objective and unsubstantiated. more

Sexism and transphobia

One definition of sexism is particularly closely related to transgender people and transphobia. more

Anti-discrimination laws in Austria

There are numerous anti-discrimination provisions and laws in Austria. more

City of Vienna as a pioneer

The City of Vienna has set an example with the establishment of the Vienna Anti-Discrimination Agency for same-sex and transgender lifestyles. more

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