Will Frankfurt build its skyline

Why were skyscrapers built in Germany only in Frankfurt (skyline)?

Because the mentality is different in Frankfurt, where people are much more open to new things and changes. In Munich and Co., many want the cityscape to look like it did 500 years ago, while in Frankfurt people are always happy about new skyscrapers .

In Frankfurt there are also no protests against high-rise buildings, in other cities there are citizens who take action against everyone 60 meters high.

The other cities have a provincial mentality. Compare Vancouver, Rio or Melbourne with Cologne or Munich, that doesn't work at all.

So it is the German provinciality that also plays a role in big cities. Many who live in big cities would like it if everything looked like it did in a village, only with more work and opportunities to go out.

In Canada, Australia, USA and Co. (also in the Niederladen) people like to live in urban areas and in metropolises because they appreciate the openness, future viability, the different ways of life (not according to German standards) and not just because there is work there and you can go to many different restaurants and bars.

If you want the cityscape not to change forever, then you are not a person who is in favor of modernity and progress, nobody can tell me that. See: Milan. The city is very high quality and yet there are a lot of skyscrapers and Modern buildings built a few hundred meters from the Duomo in Milan.Barcelona is also a historic but also very modern city.

If you are interested, go to Frankfurt and see it for yourself. You will hardly find anyone who nags just because something changes in the city. Also, the city politics in Frankfurt has nothing against a lot of skyscrapers, while you are elsewhere I would get a shock if a 100 meter building was ever built.