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Best budget book apps 2021 tested

Test: The best budget book apps 2021

Those who keep a budget book usually have a better one Overview of his finances. In the past, people kept a notebook with income and expenses, today we manage our income and expenses with the help of apps on the mobile phone.

Income and expenditure apps for Android and iOS operating systems enable you to quickly save cash payments and card transactions. Today we're looking at the Top Rated Free Household Book Apps for Managing Your Household Budget.

Wallet from Budgetbakers

Download:iOS, Android

As the first app we look at Wallet from Budgetbakers. The free version of the app allows you to enter data manually or import it manually from a list or Excel. With the premium version, you have the option of linking the app to your account and synchronizing your income and expenses with your current account.

The app has all the usual functions that you would expect from a budget book app. You can query statistics, plan payments, track budgets and set financial goals. The budget book app also allows you to create a shopping list and manage customer cards. When you lend someone money, you can use the Wallet app to manage it.

Good to know

You cannot create new categories of income and expenses, but the categories you use frequently are available in the app.

The user interface is visually very well processed. With the statistics, you can expect interactive charts that give you a better overview of your income and expenses.

The best feature by far is the ability to synchronize your own checking account with the app. If the functionality of the N26 is not enough for you, you can simply connect your N26 account to the wallet app.

Advantages and disadvantages of the wallet app

  • Inputs and outputs are clearly displayed
  • Multi-currency support
  • Comprehensive management of expenses with filter options and attachments
  • Increased security through PIN or fingerprint
  • available in several languages
  • Synchronization with the bank account is only possible with the premium version
  • Limited customization options for the categories

Monefy - Expense Manager

Download: Android, iOS

The Monefy - Expense Manager App offers a nice overview of the income and expenses with the help of a pie chart and the associated categories. However, for some users looking to add more categories, the main screen will soon get crowded.

In the Monefy app, inputs and exceptions are entered using the two buttons (+ & -). Clicking will add the amount to the current date. A different invoice date can also be selected by calling up a calendar in the upper right-hand margin.

In the input field you also have the option of choosing between a card transaction and a cash transaction. You can also add a note before assigning the amount to a specific category.

You can call up the overview monthly, weekly or yearly. You can also filter out the payment methods such as cash payments or card payments.

The setting in the Monefy Income and Expenditure app offers you some nice features. With the budget mode you can choose a maximum budget limit per month and adjust your expenses accordingly.

The free app version only supports one currency. Travelers who pay their bills in multiple currencies can take advantage of the Pro version. This not only enables budget management in different currencies, but also the changing of categories, which is not supported in the free version.

Pros and Cons of Monify Expense Tracker

  • Attractive design
  • No advertising
  • Has basic functions
  • Additional categories and currencies only available in the PRO version
  • Recurring monthly expenses are not automatically deducted

Money manager

Download Android, iOS

Money Manager is a brilliant app for managing income and expenses. The free version offers some features that the competition can only get at an additional cost. The Money Manager App attaches great importance to detailed data collection. Because of this, the user can add more information about his income and expenses and filter them later.

When entering data records, a comparatively large amount of data is queried. This includes the date, time, payment method (cash, account, card), category, amount, description and a note. Not all fields are required. In order to achieve the most accurate statistics possible, it is recommended that all entries be given as precisely as possible.

You can change input and output categories according to your needs. By clicking on “Repeat” for the date, you can automatically set when an amount is to be withdrawn periodically. This saves you the time for the recurring entry of standing orders. Many of the competitors do not offer this function in the paid versions either.

As mentioned earlier, the extensive data entry allows you to view various statistics. You can call up data within different time periods, categories and payment methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of Money Manager

  • Automatic recording of standing orders
  • Detailed statistics
  • Many functions are already included in the free version
  • Data can be exported
  • Extensive data queries increase the input time
  • Complex operation due to the large amount of information
  • advertising

N26 online banking app

Download: Android, iOS

Rather, it is an online banking app for your checking account. This app is only suitable for those users who have opened a free current account with the N26.

The N26 app is very suitable for those who mostly pay their bills online or by card. All payments with the card or the app itself are automatically divided into categories and recorded.

You don't have to laboriously enter each individual receipt manually. It is sufficient if you settle the payment yourself with your giro card or the app.

To be completely fair, the functions of the app as a budget book are somewhat limited. You cannot define your categories yourself. However, the inputs and outputs are clearly presented to you on a monthly basis.

Advantages and disadvantages of the N26 app

  • Automatic recording of income and expenses in 22 categories
  • Online payments at the push of a button within 2 minutes
  • Cash payments can be recorded concretely with the help of the "tag"
  • Limited statistics
  • Categories are predefined and cannot be changed
  • Only works with internet access

Open a free N26 account

SayMoney - budget book

Download: Android, iOS

SayMoney - Budget Book is a user-friendly app that helps you to track all income and expenses. The app can be operated intuitively and even in the free version there are no advertisements.

When you open the app, you can see the monthly income and expenses and add new transactions. If necessary, you can add notes or receipts to the new data record. All your income and expenses will be added to your desired category, which you can either select from the list provided or add yourself.
The app also supports the measurement of expenses across different accounts, so that you can easily track your cash expenses, for example.

When testing the app, we also discovered the option of voice input, unfortunately the number of possible voice commands is somewhat limited. However, we can imagine that this function could speed up the entry of new records.

In contrast to other apps, you will not find any graphics for different categories in the statistics, which in the SayMoney app are only differentiated with colors and text.

advantages and disadvantages

  • Easy handling
  • Standing orders are supported
  • User-oriented settings
  • No advertising
  • Voice input can only be used to a limited extent
  • Multiple currencies are not supported in the free version

Our budget book app

Download: Android, iOS (not available)

Our budget book is well structured and easy to use. The categories can be easily adapted according to the needs of the user. As a user, you can also set a budget for the individual categories.

Recurring payments are also supported. You can add multiple payment options. This means that you know exactly what you paid for with cash and what you paid for with the EC card.

Inserting income and expenses is child's play with the budget book app. The design is very reminiscent of Google applications such as Gmail and Google Drive. You can synchronize the data from the Household Book app with the help of your Google account on other devices. If necessary, you can also export your statistics.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Our Budget Book app

  • Easy handling
  • Functions are identical to the PRO version without advertising
  • With the help of synchronization, you can also access your data across devices
  • Advertising in the free version
  • Not available for IOS devices
  • No sorting of postings according to the individual accounts

Budget book app

Download Android, iOS (not available)

The goal of the budget book app is to keep your finances under control. The settings enable you to document incoming and outgoing payments on several means of payment, such as checking accounts and credit cards. Categories can be changed quickly and easily according to your needs. The reports give you a quick overview of your expenses. Budget limits and standing orders can also be set with the app.

The budget book app clearly has room for improvement in terms of design and ease of use. It would be necessary to check whether all functions in the menu are really being used. Repetitive orders must be created separately under the menu item Planning. Other apps offer this function directly when entering data records.

Advantages and disadvantages of the budget book app

  • All functions that can be used are included in the free version
  • advertising
  • Navigation takes getting used to
  • Outdated design
  • Not available for IOS devices

Easy Home Finance

Download Android, iOS (not available)

The Easy Home Finance app enables you to manage your expenses efficiently. Using the app is child's play, free of charge and without advertising. It is very intuitive to use. By simply clicking the + button, you add expenses and income. You can create your own categories and thus personalize your spending app. The graphical overview is not one of the nicest of the apps tested, but it serves its purpose. The settings allow you to activate additional options. For example, you can also add other payment methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Easy Home Finance app

  • No advertising
  • A lot of functions
  • User friendly
  • Graphic design of the overview
  • Budget cannot be set for individual categories
  • Not available for IOS devices

Best income / expenses app

Every user has slightly different expectations and thus it is difficult to make a blanket statement. To make your choice a little easier, we rated the apps according to five criteria.

In this table you can see which apps automatically record your repeated standing orders, where you can set budget limits or where advertising is displayed.

We also find the ability to create your own categories to be important. We rated the navigation and user friendliness using a three-star system.

Each app has advantages and disadvantages. Choose the application that best suits you personally. With our savings tips you can save a few euros a month and thus reduce your expenses.