How much do sommeliers earn

How much does a sommelier earn?

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In contrast to many other sommeliers, I did not complete a classic IHK training in the restaurant or hotel industry. But gastronomy has always been a hobby of mine. Among other things, I have worked as a waiter and bartender and, through practical experience in various restaurants, worked my way up to head waiter, shift supervisor and gastronomic manager. For the past seven years, I've worked as a restaurant manager in restaurants in New Zealand and Australia, and I've even helped build a new hotel on a vineyard. It was there that I discovered my passion for the product and noticed how exciting and versatile wine actually is. In contrast to a brewer, who usually tries everything to achieve a certain taste profile - an Augustiner will always taste like an Augustiner - the winemaker tries to produce the best wine from what the year has offered him. After I decided to focus on the subject of wine professionally, I completed two and a half years of wine training at the London wine academy "Wine & Spirit Education Trust". At the moment I am also studying to become a wine academician at the Austrian Wine Academy and a university.

During the apprenticeship you learn everything about viticulture, the work of the winemaker and bottling. In addition, you have to know every wine region in the world with its typical grape varieties. At the end of the apprenticeship we have an exam ahead of us. To do this, you have to be able to blindly taste, describe and classify different wines. You also learn something about sparkling wines, brandies and spirits and are thus trained to become specialists in gin, whiskey or vodka.