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The demographic data of Venice are discussed just as intensely as the future of the lagoon city. Venice has around 60,000 inhabitants today, while its counterpart, Mestre, now has around 200,000. In recent decades, emigration has resulted in increasing vacancies - but also a market for an international clientele who are willing to invest a larger budget in a classic palazzo apartment. There are many market participants for luxury real estate in Venice: Italian owners, international investors and developers - rarely also a private clientele who want to part with their property in Venice because their lives are divided into too many residences around the world.

This is the case with Villa Bianca on the Lido: In their opinion, the owners use the magnificent Art Nouveau style property too seldom. Difficult to understand, actually, because the place has a special charisma: From the bedrooms, the view sweeps to the tower of St. Mark's Church. A private boat mooring is just 30 meters from the garden gate. Villa Bianca is priced at 14 million euros and is represented by the real estate company LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate based in Velden and Vienna.

International and art-loving

Many appreciate the city not only in the warm season, but especially now, in the mystical fog, in the clear cold light, with deserted waterways. Anyway, those with an art affinity are driven by the proximity to the biennale, museums and collections - and of course to architecture. Especially when an object has been completely restored and brought up to date while preserving the substance. One such example is the Palazzo Molin, which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart already liked. In recent years, the property has been extensively restored and divided into 17 spacious apartments - one of which is 21 meters long. A few apartments are still available, confirms Thomas Hopfgartner from LIVING DE LUXE Real Estate.

Traveling by boat

The actual main entrance to Palazzo Molin is facing the water, you can take the boat taxi. If you come on foot, a large, idyllic inner courtyard unexpectedly opens up behind the door. Then it's on to a huge lobby, where residents can make themselves comfortable on sofas, look through the mail, deposit requests: while concierge service is common in other luxury leisure resorts, this is the first time it is offered here in Venice on this scale. The show apartment on the first floor represents a style that combines the modern with the traditional Venetian: shiny terrazzo floors.

High prices

In terms of price, you have to set yourself up around a threshold of 10,000 euros for the exclusive square meter. But size is not always decisive for the buyer, explains Hopfgartner: “More decisive than the number of square meters is the fact that you can see something of the surroundings.” In addition, measurements are made differently - in Italy it is not the net, but the total area that is given. The prospect is one thing. But it also depends on the location, no matter how fantastic the city as a whole may be: The box positions on the Grand Canal, where a palazzo can buy for 15 to 20 million euros, are particularly popular. In the Dorsoduro district, too, the prospect should have pocketed around 18 million euros for an entire property.

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