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c't Photography 5/2019: Landscape photography with multicopters

Photo practice, camera practice, traveling with drones: In c't Fotografie 05/2019 Daniel Haußmann shows how you can use multicopters to develop new motifs in inaccessible and already familiar places. The experienced landscape photographer explains how to use online map services for the motif finder and how to find attractive patterns and structures for the so-called top-down shots. He also goes into the aspects of image structure and composition and uses the example of Hong Kong to explain step-by-step his approach from travel planning to the implementation of the image.

In a workshop he will also show you how to take panorama photos and put them together. Last but not least, you will find additional material for downloading a market overview as well as background information on legal requirements and insurance.

The c't photography 5/2019 is now available in the heise shop.

The other topics:

Lightroom alternative Skylum Luminar: The image processing program Skylum Luminar is cheap, modern and partly works with artificial intelligence. The program is not yet perfect, but we were still impressed by the Lightroom alternative. This was mainly due to the simple image management, the extensive editing options and the large number of preset image styles. But the program also has weaknesses, which we also investigated.

Astro photography for advanced users: The usual telephoto lenses are not sufficient for a deep look into space. Telescopes are the method of choice for advanced astrophotography. They can be easily adapted to system cameras and, depending on the version, are comparatively cheap or can be borrowed. We hunted down some spectacular deep-space photos ourselves.

Taking photos on the coast: The meeting of water and land offers variety like hardly any other landscape. However, taking photos here requires good preparation. In this practical workshop we present the techniques with which you can capture impressive motifs.

From now on in the heise shop

You can get the current issue of c't photography (05/2019) for 10.90 euros in the heise shop. There you will find a complete table of contents and information about the additional material on the DVD booklet, plus thumbnails and the editorial. You can still order the issue free of shipping costs up to and including September 2, 2019. The ePaper and the edition for Amazon Kindle cost 9.99 euros each.


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